Top 10 Coolest Sneakers of 2021

Did you know that the world's largest sneaker collection belongs to three 20-something women? The Peters sisters' collection is worth more than 2 million dollars!

Top 10 Coolest Sneakers of 2021
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While you might not be there yet, perhaps collecting the coolest sneakers on the market is your part-time hobby. If that's the case, then you will not want to miss the list of the hottest sneakers of 2021 that we have curated below. 

1. Bad Bunny x adidas Originals Forum Low

Adidas signed up Bad Bunny to the brand and then dropped some incredibly sought-after Forum Low collaborations with the global superstar. That's what tipped the scale in their favor, especially when in recent years, they had been struggling against New Balance and Nike. If you are going to be including an adidas sneaker in your collection, then this one is it. 

They have premium price performance and were the most popular shoe when they dropped earlier in 2021. Get your hands on one of these bad boys asap.

2. COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Foamposite

These sneakers can blend the best of both worlds, as CDG was able to add its luxe touch to the shoe without compensating for its rugged, all-weather, hard-shell aesthetic. The classic all-black and all-white colorways add that extra something to these sneakers that can't be matched. You can add these sneakers to your collection without a second thought.

3. adidas YEEZY Foam Runner

The Foam Runner embodies exactly what YEEZY is all about. Before its release, it seemed clownish and was teased relentlessly in the media. But now it's sold out and selling for insane prices on the market. 

This design has made its place in our sneaker culture and is here to stay. If you see one of these on the open marketplace, make sure to make a bid right away and add it to your shoe closet.

4. Auralee x New Balance 550

This year's collaboration with Auralee, which was a Japan-exclusive, was something that hadn't been seen on the model before. It was also the model's best with unusual but enticing muted colorways. Even though New Balance has a wide variety of sneaker styles, the 550 is pushing the envelope with its design features. 

5. Joe FreshGoods x New Balance 990v3

When it comes to color combinations, 2021 has been the year that new colorways have been tried, tested, and loved. Who would have thought that green, blue, and brown colorways would go so well together? That's why sneaker innovation is still on its way up and there's a long way to go still.

It's a wild colorway that stands out from the rest and that's why this collaboration sneaker has to be on this top 10 list of most popular sneakers.

6. A Ma Maniere x Nike Air Jordan 3

With an emotional backstory that many of us can relate to, James Whitner from The Whitaker Group had created a collaboration that was on everyone's lips. He's not known as a premier storyteller just like that.

These sneakers were going to be released as a women's style first, but everyone loved them so much that now they are for everyone. It's an aesthetically pleasing pair of sneakers and very well thought out. You might also want to consider purchasing some graphic t-shirts. In the case that they are designed to match shirts and shoes, you can wear them with your Jordans as well. A 'shoe-in' for the 2021 hottest sneakers list! 

7. Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black

If you are always searching for the best black and white dunks on the market, then these sneakers are it. They are trendy, slip-resistant, lightweight, and highly wearable. You can use them in all the areas of your life without any issue, moving from school to bar to date night seamlessly.

Don't forget that you need some sneakers in your collection that you can wear every day without worrying about ruining their premium price point.

8. Salomon ACS Pro Advanced

Searching for a sneaker that has lots of outdoorsy specs? Then this winner from Salamon, the French brand, is it. The icy silver colorways are beautiful and enticing and don't shout out that this is technical footwear. 

It is boxy with sleek metal eyelets and crisscrossing speed laces. It's meant for performance without losing out on style and trendiness. A stunner - it should be added to your list of sneakers to purchase. 

9. Crocs x Salehe Bembury "Pollex"

Interestingly enough, due to the advent of work-from-home culture, many people want a sneaker that they can wear at home, without going for the flip-flop option. That's where these clog-slash-sneakers come in.

This cloggish sneaker doesn't look like anything on the market with its concave ridges and removable heel straps. Salehe Bembury has a winner on his hands and it is only the beginning for this former Versace designer. If you are looking for a sneaker with high resell value, this one would be it.

10. Prada "America's Cup" Original

This sneaker was originally designed for Prada's Luna Rossa sailing team, but now is loved and craved by all. It looks equally at home on the feet of a retiree who doesn't care about brands and people in the know. Diehard sneakers fans would never want to go a season without this must-have and that's why its popularity keeps rising with each re-release.

If you haven't heard of this original sneaker, then it's a must-have for your home sneaker collection.

Coolest Sneakers of 2021 - How Many of These Do You Have?

Looking at the list of coolest sneakers above, the question arises. How many of these show-stopping sneakers do you have in your collection? 

If you said 'none', then it's time for you to get busy. Those must-have sneakers won't buy themselves. 

Did you enjoy reading this article on the most popular sneakers of 2021? We have lots more interesting articles on our website, so keep browsing. Get busy reading about the latest trends and get your closet and style up to par!

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