What Is The Difference Between An Evening Dress and A Cocktail Dress?

Surprisingly, people with an eye for fashion are often unaware of the simple fact that evening dresses are not the same as cocktail dresses. In this post, learn more about the basic differences between these two dresses right from the scratch.

What Is The Difference Between An Evening Dress and A Cocktail Dress?

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand that cocktail parties and events are special occasions. Invitees appear in these parties wearing semi-formal attire. The atmosphere inside these party halls is somewhere between formal evenings and informal events.

So, how do you differentiate between these two popular type of party dress? Here we begin:

#1: Choice of Fabric

Gowns are huge; they look good and larger-than-life. Gowns are mainly made of organza, taffeta, satin, or similar other types of fabric. However, evening gowns are made of heavier fabrics like silk or velvet. On the contrary, cocktail dresses are made of lighter fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and lace. Light fabrics suit big and voluptuous women. You would also find many trendy cocktail dresses for plus-sized women. Looking for plus size dresses? Explore a wide selection of fashionable and affordable plus size evening dresses and cocktail dresses on Ever Pretty.

#2: Formality of Event

When formality is concerned, cocktail dresses seem to be less formal compared to evening dresses. The only reason being cocktail events are generally relaxed with drinks and appetizers being served. On the other hand, evening parties are more formal events like fundraising functions, weddings, and even balls. Such gatherings demand a more formal and conservative dress code.

#3: Choice of Color and Pattern

Cocktail designer dresses allow more room for choice of colors compared to evening dresses. Bold colors, solid hues, and even some abstract patterns look perfect on cocktail attire. However, the same may not be suitable for evening dresses, thus attracting reproving stares. You wouldn’t want that!

#4: Length of the Skirt

As a commonly accepted rule, most cocktail attire have a moderate skirt length ranging from knee height to mid-thigh height. Women choose the length of these dresses depending on their body shape. For example, mid-thigh length, long dresses are best suited for women with nice long legs. Similarly, knee length dresses would be ideal for all forms.

Conversely, evening dresses have lengths ranging from the wearers’ knees and flowing down the floor. Of the two options, floor-length evening gowns are more preferred, typically in case of religious or state events that do not approve of knee-length attire.

#5: Designs

Cocktail attire tends to have a more flexible or trendy pattern. Some of the dresses may accentuate the curves and the voluptuousness of the wearer, typically when it comes to trendy dresses for the plus size. Such dresses have intricately created designs to accentuate their curves. The backdrop of the cocktail dress design is always to make the wearer look sexy and appealing.

On the other hand, the concept of the design of evening dresses and gowns is mainly focused on modesty and decency.

#6: Accessories and Embellishment

There is a subtle difference between accessorizing and embellishing an attire. A cocktail dress may be exaggerated but an evening dress cannot as the latter has a plain and straightforward design.

However, cocktail dresses are also designed for festivals and events. Such dresses are more elaborate with embellishments that may be inappropriate for parties or events. When accessories are concerned, cocktail dresses give adequate opportunities for better creativity compared to evening dresses. You can also wear a bright-hued cocktail dress, but the same does not apply to evening gowns.

Buying a dress does not end it there. You have to combine it with the right accessories and shoes while keeping the minimalistic look intact. These dresses require very basic items to get you ready for the party almost effortlessly.

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