How to Promote Safety at Work

When you are running a business, it's important to do as much as possible to keep your employees safe. After all, the last event you want to happen is somebody getting injured and your business po-tentially being liable. To help you on this journey, no matter whether or not you are a CEO, office manager or HR manager, this essential guide has been created to convey a few key tips that will have you promoting health and safety with absolute ease. Read on now for everything that you should know about workplace safety. 

How to Promote Safety at Work
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Install Adequate Signage   

Whether it's telling people to keep their distance and wear a mask, wash their hands after using the toilet, or to be cautious of a slippery floor, it's deeply important that you have the right signs installed at work. While sometimes it can seem that the points that the sign makes are self-evident anyway, you can be surprised by the many ways in which people can forget to adhere to basic rules. Safety signs provide a quick and easy way to make sure that people are taking the necessary safety steps. If you haven't implemented these signs yet, you'll be sure to find them for a reasonable price online! 

Have a Training Day  

Your safety at work is only as good as the employees that you have. That's why it is so important to make sure that you properly school your employees on the dos and don'ts of staying safe in the of-fice. The best way to do that is by hiring a security consultant who can run a dedicated day for em-ployees to learn about safety. They can learn about potentially dangerous situations, the key impera-tives of staying safe and how to adequately understand the signs. To help them feel motivated, it's worth sharing inspirational quotes from business leaders. 

Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy 

Sometimes the biggest problems in a workplace aren't technical but actually have to do with the cul-ture of an office itself. This can be true whether it comes to an ableist, sexist, homophobic or racist culture within the office, potentially, like Blizzard recently, making people from minority backgrounds feel unsafe. As a result, you should definitely implement a zero-tolerance policy, whereby if anyone happens to overstep the guidelines, they are fired immediately. After all, when it comes to the mod-ern workplace, there simply isn't any place for hate. 

Fight Burnout With a Four-Day Week 

Burnout is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the modern office. If employees are simply working too long and are not able to balance it with a healthy personal life, this will impact their ability to do their job in a safe manner. Studies have shown that by having more rest, the office can be a healthier place, both physically and mentally. Perhaps it is worth investigating whether or not a four-day work week could be a great idea for your office. While you might be worried about reduced productivity, studies also show that people can often get as much done in four days as they would've traditionally in five.

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