3 Traits Of A Great Realtor

Being the go-to realtor in your area isn’t all about making sales. There’s a lot more to it than showing houses, drawing up contracts and negotiating closing costs. Successful realtors know that there needs to be a special connection between them, their community and their home owners. Here is how to foster those relationships and be the fair, approachable realtor people trust. 

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Builds and Maintains Relationships 

Don’t forget that post-sale relations are just as important as pre-sale relations. A good realtor stays in touch with their former clients, sends out just sold real estate postcards, and shares their successes online. Buying a new home is an exciting step in anyone’s life so be sure to help them feel celebrated and taken care of both before and after the sale is closed. If you need real estate signs check out Americansignletters.com

What’s more, successful realtors are always available, friendly and approachable. They wear a smile, always have a business card on hand and have an ever-expanding network. Hosting open houses is a great way to meet potential home buyers in your area. Ask them questions to understand what they’re looking for in a property and listen intently when they tell you. Even if they’re not ready to buy today, they could be your clients tomorrow. 

Knows Their Community 

Having an in-depth understanding of a community’s make-up is absolutely vital in succeeding in the real estate market.  To do so, you should start by looking at home-buying tendencies in the past ten to twenty years, surveying the areas that show promise, and make your own projections. That is, based on your research, which areas’ prices will skyrocket in the next five years? 

Also, you should be in touch with members of the city council. Ask them if there are any commercial projects breaking ground in the near future and know of all of the community assets nearby. That is, parks, churches, hiking trails, sports fields, community centers, etc. The more you know about a community’s layout, the more selling points you will have! 

Sets Realistic Goals For Themselves 

In order to keep yourself from becoming discouraged, do not set unrealistic objectives. For example, if you’re looking to work in a new area, you should not choose a large city or town as a starting point. There will already be too much competition and you will have a difficult time standing out from the crowd. Instead, start with a small, but up-and-coming community. Perhaps you will set your sights on a county made up of several smaller towns and work your way up from there. 

The goals you set for yourself should be ambitious without being unrealistic. Do not expect to turn a six-figure profit in the first year. Allow yourself to make mistakes, learn and gain important selling experience along the way.

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