Top Ideas for Screen Printing Your T-shirt in 2021

A T-shirt is a staple attire in everyone’s wardrobe. You’ll find this super versatile clothing in the closet of every age group. Modern technological developments and new graphic software capabilities have allowed for endless styles and designs in t-shirts these days. You can go for graphics, typographies, illustrations, text-based design, and much more. No matter what design you chose, it’s going to look amazing.

Top Ideas for Screen Printing Your T-shirt in 2021
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Top Ideas for Screen Printing Your T-shirt in 2021

Books/Book Cover Design

Books are a mirror to society and are a great design idea for book lovers. Whether you use a book as a subject or part of the design structure, it can add great context to your t-shirt.

You can get your favorite book’s cover printed on your t-shirt or just choose a general design of stacked books on it. Stacked-up books or book libraries make for an interesting design option.

Strong Statements Or Saying

It is not a new trend but a trend that has maintained its popularity. Strong statements, logos on your t-shirt are a perfect way to express your personality and attitude. Choose a bold statement that is inspiring, witty, fun, or inspiring adage.

If you’re associated with a campaign or a cause, you can get it printed too on your t-shirt. Your apparel can be a great instrument to express your opinions on social and political issues. Try to keep the design minimalistic and the font simple and easy to read.

Hand-Written Fonts

Bring an idiosyncratic tone to your design with hand-written fonts. Different fonts reflect different moods, and you can choose to be funky, bold, retro, or delicate. This design offers great flexibility and individuality to your t-shirt.

You can evoke any mood with the choice of your letterforms. You can even play around with the letterings using fun colors and adding other design elements.

Text-Based Design

Statements used in daily routine or commonly used words make for great designs. Simple messages like ‘feeling lazy’ on your t-shirt can express your mood. Repeated texts are a twist to these text-based designs making you convey your feelings more boldly.

To add a splash of energy, you can get each letter or word printed in bold colors. It is up to you if you like to keep it simple with limited colors or go all the way by using multiple colors in the color palette.

Playing Cards Or Tarot Cards

Putting card design on the t-shirt is one of the best trends you can follow this year. They look eye-catching and artistic with their unique symbolism and imagery. Interestingly, you can find so many elements in the cards to draw inspiration from.

Tarot cards can be a tremendous symbolic visual representation of ideas and thoughts. And don’t worry about the design options, as a tarot card comes in a deck of 78 cards while the play cards come in a deck of 52 cards.

Hand-Drawn Sketches

Sketches have so much character in them that they look incredibly impactful on any t-shirt. The textured, pencil-like drawings look well designed with crisp, detailed lines in black and grey color. Just let your imagination flow and get almost any design you like.

Distorted Text

You can make plain text or statements stand out on your t-shirt through distorted text. Warping presents endless possibilities in design and creativity. You can keep it simple with single-color text or make it stand out with multiple colors. The letters can be drawn from wavy lines to get a distorted look.


Doodling is all about your imagination and creativity, and you can do it with your heart. From drawing thin to wavy lines or shapes in different colors and sizes,  there is just no one perfect way to do it. Let your imagination run over and get a print that matches your energy. You can go as funky as you want and represent the forms you like.


Illustrative portraits are a go-to-design idea to personalize your attire and make it more playful. You can choose from any style you want: abstract or realistic. Animal portraits are also very popular and are a trending design.


Cartoons are an all-time favorite design, which you’ll see in every age group t-shirt. These look fun, colorful and offer a lot of creativity in design. You can choose to go for a colorful design or simple outlines of the body and face of the cartoon characters; the choice is yours.

With printing technologies like screen printing, you can work on numerous designs and prints from drawings, typographies, shapes, and more. Not only this technique offers quality, but it can be done at reasonable pricing. If you don't have the machines for screen printing can drop ship for you.

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