Attractive Styles to Choose for a Girly Glass Pipe

Girls are very particular about what they want, whether a rose tattoo or a smoking pipe. Women have enjoyed smoking for ages and like to flaunt it in style. Therefore, girly smoking pipes are no surprise. Whether you buy them for yourself or gift them to a member of your girl gang, they can set the tone in any get-together, party, or if you want some alone time.

Attractive Styles to Choose for a Girly Glass Pipe  
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When it comes to women’s preferences about their pipes, designs and styles should be the first preference. Several designs have come and gone over the years, and the fairer sex is still looking for an appropriate shape. The modern-day pipes for women have certain unique features. Spend a day at the lakeside, or wherever your high takes you with some unique styles in your repertoire.

Animal Shapes

Girls have a thing for cute animals like kittens, bunnies, turtles, frogs, butterflies, and even baby dragons. You can find glass pipes molded into these animal shapes on the market. Animals that have an elongated body, like the crocodile, are well suited for this style. 

Collect a pack of different forms or get a single pipe for your weed smoking retreat. You may also get combos with weed storage jars or lighters, or both. The entire set is sure to create an impression when you take them out for a smoke. 

Bright Colors

Dull colors such as black and grey have bid adieu from the scene, and colorful glass pipes are all the rage now. Bold, primary and secondary hues like blue, red, orange, green, and the ever-favorite pink are doing the rounds in women’s bags. When light passes through these pipes or you light them up, they create an ethereal ambiance with the smoke oozing out of them.

Romantic Quotes

Customized glass pipes with beautiful quotes written on them are the new kids in the smoking arena. You can cherish them as keepsakes or present them to your best friend as a token of love and a remembrance of all the good times you spent smoking up at college. Most of these quotations speak about living life king size. You may also get them tailormade with some valuable quotes of your making.

Sparkles and Glitters

If you are into sparkly and glittery glass pipes, you will not be disheartened. The glitters and sparkles are placed with solid glue to ensure the pipes do not fade after a wash.

Pipes with resin-like art also come with glittery stuff inside them with a top layer of glass on the top. They let the pipes shine from inside and outside and help create a cheerful mood when you sit together with your band of girls. 

Bowl-shaped or cigar-styled pipes are two of the most popular styles in glass pipes. You may select borosilicate glass, lab-quality, or scientific glass as per your preference.

The girly smoking pipes you choose may also combine various elements mentioned above and should match your personality. Just ensure that the glass’ quality is premium to give you a safe and comfortable experience. What else? Smoke in and win over a few smiles and laughs from other stoner chicks who understand what’s going on.

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