Four Aspects to Consider in Order to Increase the Life of your AC Unit

It is your basic right to breathe in fresh and pure air to stay healthy on this planet for long. Your air conditioning unit helps you a lot in this regard. Hence, it is important that you take care of your AC system so that it may keep on serving you as long as possible. We have figured out the following four aspects for you to keep in mind when it comes to increasing the life span of your AC unit.

Four Aspects to Consider in Order to Increase the Life of your AC Unit
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1.  Choose the Type That Suits You Best

The long lasting maintenance of your air conditioning system depends upon the type of AC unit you purchase. Different types are available on the market to meet the demands of different living conditions and lifestyles. Suppose you live in Singapore. You must keep in mind the environment and the working schedule of your office or home before you buy aircon in Singapore. The same approach must be applied to everywhere you install an Ac unit. The following are the most common types of AC units available to choose from.

a. Split system units consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit.

b. Ductless split systems which also have an indoor and outdoor unit but work without a duct system.

c. Packaged air conditioners that always sit outside. 

2. Regular Inspection from Some Professional Expert

This step plays a vital role in the long life of your AC unit. Especially just before the start of the cooling season, you must manage a visit from some high-profile professional expert to inspect your AC unit thoroughly. He will guide you if it requires just a routine maintenance or some parts replacement is also needed. His expert view will save you lot of money regarding repair charges or the replacement of the whole unit.

3. Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance with Regular Intervals

Owing to the high prices, it is not possible to get your AC unit replaced every season. Obviously, you will have to keep it well maintained to avoid its sudden replacement. A maintenance procedure regularly undertaken by efficient professionals will keep your AC unit in tip-top working condition for years to come. The professionals will address even the smallest problems that may grow into large ones and potentially costly issues in the near future. You will continue enjoying the best possible working from your AC system.

4. A Checklist to Prevent Your AC from Developing Various Problems

In order to ensure that your AC system works for many years, it will be highly advisable to follow the following tips yourself.

• Remove dust, dirt or debris from the unit and the area around it.

• Keep checking the loose contacts or electric connections time and again.

 Replace the air filters as per advice of the professional inspector.

• Ensure the cleanliness of the condensate drain.

• Lubricate motors and bearings of your AC unit quite often.

• Recharge refrigerant periodically.

• Get the condenser coils thoroughly cleaned off and on.

You will not have to sweat it out this summer if you simply follow the above instructions. Your AC system will keep on working as efficiently as possible for many years to come. 

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