7 Ways to Better Care For Your Feet! [Foot Care Guide]

There's no denying that your feet do a lot for you. They carry you everywhere you need to go, are you caring for them back? Here are seven ways to treat them!


It’s easy to take your feet for granted. They get you to where you need to go every day and rarely complain about it. 

So since they’re functioning well, why worry about them? 

Since your feet are so good to you, you should reward them in return. Foot health is just as critical as caring for other parts of your body — if not more important. 

If you’ve been slacking on giving your feet enough TLC, don’t worry. It’s not too late to give them some love and go to podiatrist albury.

Here are seven ways to start awarding your feet with the attention they deserve. 

1. Keep Your Feet Fresh 

Unfortunately, it’s easy for bacteria to find your feet. If you’re on your feet a lot or live in a warm climate, moisture builds up, and bacteria can grow. With bacteria on your feet, you get a condition commonly known as athlete’s foot. 

To prevent athlete’s foot and other infections, keep your feet clean. Even if you don’t shower every day, wipe down your feet daily to keep them fresh. It will also help if you always grab a shower after working out. 

Keeping moisture at bay is vital when it comes to caring for your feet. When you do notice any problems, take care of them right away. Tea tree may be a good way for you to treat athlete’s foot. Or, getting an antifungal cream like Lotrimin should also do the trick. 

2. Moisturize During Cold Months 

It would be best if you kept your feet dry to keep bacteria away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use foot lotion. 

Your feet and heels may get relatively dry during the cooler seasons and even during the summer. If so, apply lotion to treat them when they get attacked by the elements. 

Having cracked heels is uncomfortable, especially when you go on long walks. Thankfully, applying foot cream can treat and prevent cracks. 

Using the right amount of lotion will ensure you have smooth and healthy feet all year long. 

3. Treat Corns and Calluses 

Corns and calluses are annoying, so you should take care of them as soon as you notice them popping up. 

A few ways to get rid of and prevent calluses on your feet is by wearing the right socks. For example, if you’re wearing thin socks, you may not be providing enough protection. 

Make sure the socks and shoes you wear give your feet enough protection so you won’t develop any calluses. 

If you do happen to get corns and calluses (we all do!), use a pumice stone to treat them. Just don’t scrub too hard. Otherwise, you may irritate your skin further.

4. Watch Your Weight 

It’s essential to maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight can cause problems in your knees, back, and feet. Plus, it can result in other serious health conditions like diabetes. 

If you were to get a foot injury, it could also take longer to recover if you’re not at a healthy weight. For example, if you get a stress fracture from overdoing it, it could take a long while to heal. 

Do your best to watch your weight. Instead of focusing on going on a diet, decide to live a healthier life. Eat food that’s good for your body, like fruit, veggies, and lean meat. 

Your entire body — and especially your feet — will thank you! 

5. Try Various Athletic Activities 

Consider switching up your fitness activities to reduce the impact on your feet.

You may love to run every day, but the problem with that is that certain parts of your body become subject to overuse. As fulfilling as running is, it can be hard on your knees and feet. So, keep that in mind as you accomplish marathons. 

To diversify your activities, do some swimming, walking, and bike riding. That way, you’ll be using different parts of your body. For example, even though you can’t get away from using your feet, some sports have less impact. 

With swimming, for example, you’re not pounding on your feet. Instead, this is a low-impact way to stay fit while giving parts of your body, such as your feet, time to recuperate. 

6.  Wear the Right Shoes 

Earlier, I mentioned that wearing the right shoes can keep your feet feeling their best. If you want your feet to reward you, then it's up to you to own the appropriate shoes! 

Look for shoes that provide enough support and have enough space for your toes to move around. 

If you’re not sure what type of shoes are best for you, consult with a podiatrist. Or, many times, employees at fitness stores know a lot about shoes. They can help you find an ideal pair of hiking shoes, for example. Also, let them know if you have any foot conditions, such as a bunion, to find the right shoes for you. 

While trying on shoes, make sure there’s enough wiggle room. When exercising, your feet will expand, and you don’t want your shoes to be too tight. 

As for non-exercising shoes, you should keep comfort and support in mind as well. Don’t go for fancy shoes without any support because it’ll be hard on your feet in the long run. 

7. Go to the Doctor When Necessary 

Sometimes it isn’t easy to treat certain foot conditions on your own. 

For example, you may have an ingrown toenail or feel you tore a muscle in your foot. While sometimes certain foot conditions improve with time, other times they may get worse. 

If you have a condition that’s not improving, that warrants a visit to the doctor. A podiatrist can prescribe the right treatment plan so you can get back on your feet!  


Your feet should be your friends not your foes, and it’s up to you to make sure that’s the case. 

You better believe that if you don’t treat your feet well, they will rebel. So, give them the respect they deserve by taking care of them every day! 

Apply lotion, wear the right shoes, and apply the other tips in this article. Do all these things, and you should always have happy and healthy feet! 

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