Bio-HygiaFit by Nu Pharm, Hong Kong

Bio-HygiaFit by Nu Pharm from Hong Kong helps to revitalized digestive system, vitality, and balance for better toxin elimination and better nutrients absorption. It helps to detoxifies first, and then slims waist. A new formula with probiotics added to it.

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Bio-HygiaFit by Nu Pharm, Hong Kong 


  • Detoxifies, slims the waist, beautifies the skin.
  • Natural and comfortable detoxification, allows detoxification to be fun.
  • Promotes a healthy gut, prevents aging of the gut, steady slimming outcome.
  • Promotes basal metabolic rate, reduces the formation of fat.


  • Removes belly, achieve a flat tummy.
  • Improves skin by preventing toxins from accumulating and forming dark rough surfaces.
  • Reduces swelling by clearing away extra water from body.
  • Weight loss and body slimming.

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