Laughter, Love, and Wine: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Our lives are as unpredictable as roulette at Everything depends on luck and chance. But it is important to remember that you can still somehow protect yourself, and first and foremost you should take care of your health. That is why we have gathered all the necessary recommendations, with the help of which you can not only prevent the occurrence of our heart disease but also overcome the existing problems.

Laughter, Love, and Wine: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy
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Ten Thousand Steps a Day

Many people mistakenly think that only those who are struggling with obesity should walk such a number of steps. Except that such a recommendation applies more to people who are carefully watching not only the weight but also the health of the whole body. In addition to this, it is necessary to move as much as possible during the day. Nowadays most of us lead a mainly sedentary life, which has a negative impact on the health of even very young citizens. 

Doctors recommend taking breaks while working at the computer, walking around the office or apartment, taking time for a little exercise and stretching, and at least a couple of times a week to spend an hour or two for a full workout for all muscle groups, both cardio and power.

If Possible, Don’t Fall in Love With Unworthy People...

"Broken heart syndrome" is exactly the diagnosis in cardiology. It was first described 12 years ago by Japanese doctors. Now it has been recognized in other countries as well. The syndrome occurs in women over middle age who have had a traumatic relationship experience or a love failure. A cardiogram and ultrasound show the same abnormalities in them as in a heart attack. Their stress hormone levels are 2-3 times higher than those of heart attack patients! And in comparison with healthy people, it is 7-10, and in some cases even 30 times higher. 

It is the hormones that hit the heart the hardest, forcing it to react with the classic symptoms of a heart attack. Fortunately, with the right treatment and psychotherapy, the disease can be completely cured.

Laugh a Lot!

Laughter has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Laughter activates the nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems in the body. It can also reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and triggers the production of endorphins, the hormones of joy, which help dilate blood vessels and reduce the effects of atherosclerosis. 

At the same time, chronic stress and frequently depressed moods lead to destructive changes in the walls of blood vessels. Constant worry and stress contribute to the presence of high levels of cortisol in the blood. 

So, laughter for just ten minutes can lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and deliver oxygen to the heart muscle. That's why we love comedies and stand-up comedians so much.

A Glass of Red Wine at Dinner

Of course, doctors recommend not to get carried away and to limit the consumption of this drink to 2-3 times a week and only one glass. Recently, scientists have even reported surprising results: non-drinkers are twice as likely to die of heart attacks and strokes as followers of the "one glass every Wednesday and Friday" rule. 

Only excessive amounts of alcohol can harm the heart. But in small doses, alcohol is more likely to do good than harm - no more than 30 grams of pure alcohol per day for men and no more than 20 grams for women.

A Balanced Diet

Doctors recommend eating a healthy and varied diet (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cereals, whole grain bread, vegetable oils, fewer fats, and sweets) and watching your weight. In this case, both nutritionists and cardiologists advise avoiding forcing yourself to eat unloved food and permanently get rid of sweets and flour. Such bans can not only make you an unhappy, angry, and hungry person, but also earn an eating disorder. 

It is known that most slim and healthy people eat according to certain rules. First, no clear timetable - we eat only when we feel hungry. Secondly, we eat intuitively - only those foods that are healthy, that we like. Third, we remember to regularly try different dishes, even the ones you did not like before. It often happens that a person falls in love with some product, although a couple of years ago he categorically did not like it.

Take Examinations

This is probably the only sure way to find out in advance about existing health problems. If you don't have the possibility to check it at least once in six months or a year, check your blood pressure by yourself. If it rises steadily and fluctuates frequently, you should immediately see a cardiologist. 

In addition, it is important to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is especially true for people over forty years of age.

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