5 Best Healthy Seafood Recipes for Dinner

Dinner is one of the most loved meals for everyone. We often have dinner parties on weekends and also on special events such as Christmas or New Year night where we enjoy delectable food recipes with our favourite gins and wines. However, we know that at night, we have to be extra cautious about deciding what we should eat. Meat lovers are often advised not to eat pork or beef for dinner. Seafood can be the best choice for making a meal for dinner. There are many online stores that offer fresh seafood home delivery. Below are some seafood recipes that are best for dinner:

5 Best Healthy Seafood Recipes for Dinner
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1. Avocado Fish Taco with Spicy Tuna Fish

For all those people who love to spice their food up for dinner, spicy Tuna fish cooked with the Avocado fish taco is the best option. The combination of taco and tuna gives a taste that cannot be beaten by any other seafood. 

To enhance the taste, add different spices along with onion and garlic paste and prepare a healthy and nutritious dish for your dinner table. This recipe has less calories and never disappoint those who eat seafood with fondness

2. Salmon and Prawn Fish Burger

Fish burger is the most underrated meal. Among all the available kinds of seafood, prawns and Salmon fish has their own identity. Combining them in a burger adds more value to their taste. You can easily prepare a salmon and prawn fish burger at home with mayo garlic sauce, some veggies and meat of salmon and prawn. This burger is very healthy as the seafood is rich in omega 3 and also does not cause bloating unlike other types of meat.

3. Coconut Shrimp

Most of the foods that give us guilty pleasure are usually full of calories. However, coconut shrimp is an amazing seafood recipe that not only tastes good but is also very healthy for those on a strict diet. Shrimp usually becomes part of our meal is fried, covered, or grilled form. 

In the coconut shrimp recipe, we have a free hand to cook it whichever way we like. All you need to do is make a topping with the help of coconut with salt and pepper and coat it on the shrimp before frying. Serve the crispy coconut flavoured shrimp with hot and sour sauce to enhance the taste

4. Brazilian Fish Stew

A high-quality and fresh fish simmered in the mixture of coconut milk with various spices and onion and garlic paste is one of the best and healthiest seafood meals for a nighttime meal.

5. Chilli Salmon with Spicy Miso Ramen

Seafood lovers never miss eating salmon fish whenever they get their hands on the seafood. Combine roasted chilli salmon with spicy miso ramen and serve it with boiled noodles to enhance the taste.

Regardless of what seafood you choose to cook for a nighttime meal, you must not forget to buy fresh seafood. For all those people living in Australia, Fish Me - Seafood Delivery in Sydney provides its services to buy fresh seafood.

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