A TRAVEL FAIR to Rekindle The Passion for Travel

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with a Single Step” – a well-known quote that resonates perfectly with travel. While it may not be possible to travel physically due to the current pandemic, why not reignite the passion for travel and begin the ‘journey of a thousand miles’ through the pages of a book.

A ‘TRAVEL FAIR’ to Rekindle The Passion for Travel, Travel Fair, bookxcess, reading, lifestyle
A ‘TRAVEL FAIR’ to Rekindle The Passion for Travel

The TRAVEL FAIR thematic was created to encourage people to ‘travel’ and take a journey through the pages of a book to reinvigorate the love for travelling amongst readers in Malaysia. Kicking off from the 4th of August 2021, BookXcess invites booklovers to board the ‘train of imagination’ to discover places around the world and travel through reading about fascinating places and cultures in a virtual journey with books.

It’s an experiential journey through books based on popular destinations around the world, in keeping with our TRAVEL FAIR thematic. The BookXcess.com website’s main page has been redesigned to showcase a host of book titles and themes that focus on topics such as food, culture, architecture, mythical experiences, fantasies, and so much more.

Readers in Malaysia can embark on a journey through ‘armchair travelling’ and enjoy exclusive deals on travel-related books only at the bookxcess.com website. BookXcess has teamed up with Klook Malaysia - a one-stop platform for Malaysians to book the best attractions, activities, staycations, dining experiences, weekend things-to-do and more, not just in Malaysia but for more than 400 cities around the world - who has come on board as the ‘Official Travel Partner’ for the TRAVEL FAIR.

BookXcess has created a series of ‘travel deals’ teasers that have been enticing the public to explore the world through its TRAVEL FAIR thematic promotions online since Friday 23rd July. These teasers will feature a specially created site – www.matafair.com that will later be ‘unveiling’ and redirecting visitors to the actual TRAVEL FAIR home page at the stroke of midnight on the 4th of August 2021.

The TRAVEL FAIR promotion ends on the 10th of August 2021. For full details on this event and ongoing deals, kindly visit BookXcess Website or Facebook and Instagram #BookXcess #TravelFair

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