10 Outdoor Games You Should Try

Do you want to get out of the house but don't know what to do? Many games can be played outside. Outdoor games include badminton, croquet, and volleyball. These outdoor games are fun for all ages and all levels of physical ability. You may have never heard of some of these games before because they are not as popular in the United States as other sports like football or soccer. These are examples of ten great outdoor games that you should try. 

10 Outdoor Games You Should Try
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1) Croquet 

Croquet is a game that involves many different skills, such as hand-eye coordination, agility and strategy. It is played on a grass field with four wooden stakes called wickets at each end. The objective of the game is to hit balls through the wickets by swinging a mallet. Players roll two balls to each other and whoever gets the closest ball knocks it through a wicket. The winner is the person who finishes their balls first, or if two people finish at the same time, they continue playing until there is one winner. 

2) Badminton 

Badminton is another great outdoor game in which two teams of one or two players each jump and hit the bird-like badminton shuttlecocks back and forth across a net. The game's object is to keep the shuttlecock in play, either by hitting it over the net or under it. A point is scored when one team fails to return the shuttlecock properly.

3) Cricket 

Cricket is probably one of the most popular outdoor games. It is described as a game that uses both hands and feet while twirling a bat to hit a ball and score runs. Because it involves more skill than other sports, many people think of it as an upper-class sport. However, anyone can learn how to play this great game of strategy. 

4) Volleyball 

Volleyball is another team sport that can be played in many different ways. It involves players hitting a ball back and forth over the net. If one of your team members catches the ball, you get the point, or if the opposing player catches it, it is their turn to hit. It's also important for the team members to work together not to get hit by the ball. 

5) Ultimate Frisbee 

Ultimate Frisbee is another sport that can be played alone or with a team. It involves throwing a plastic disc to catch it as players try not to let it drop on the ground. If you drop it, you have to wait until someone else catches it before you try again. The winner is the player or team who throws all of their discs into an end zone that other players don't guard. 

6) Dodgeball 

Dodgeball is similar to the game of dodgeball that many kids play in school, only this one doesn't use balls. Instead, players try to avoid being hit by throwing balls at each other until only one person is left on their team. If you are hit, you have to sit out for a certain amount of time, and the last man standing is the winner. 

7) Soccer 

Soccer or football is a game that anyone can play because all you need is a ball. This game can be played indoors or outside on grass fields, cement courts, or artificial turf. The game's object is to get the ball in the opposing team's net by kicking, throwing, or heading there. 

8) Lawn Bowling 

Lawn bowling is a game that you can play alone or with a group of friends on a giant green lawn. You need to roll balls down an inclined surface and knock over wooden pins that are about 30 feet away. Each team gets so many balls, and whoever knocks down the most pins wins. 

9) Gel Blasters 

It is a game that involves shooting blobs of gelatin with gel bead gun that can be used to shoot the "gel" into prizes held by opposing team members. Some people have added water guns or foam-dart guns instead of plungers for greater accuracy and distance.

10) Wiffle Ball 

Wiffleball is a great outdoor game that anyone can play since anyone can buy their own Wiffleball Set. It involves hitting small balls with plastic bats and bases, catching them on the fly as they are rolled or pitched to you, and scoring runs by touching all bases in order.

All of the games mentioned above are some of the most common and popular games in America. They can be played by anyone and anywhere with little or no equipment, they require minimal rules, and many can even be played alone.

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  1. Cricket is the game I liked the most and I like to play it all the time.


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