What Makes Overwater Bungalows an Irresistible Option for Honeymooners

A honeymoon is a special event in your life, and hence, you need to make sure you spare no expense to get yourself the best experience that you can afford. Overwater bungalows can be an excellent choice for honeymooners because of the benefits they offer. So, what makes such bungalows an irresistible option for honeymooners? Find the reasons below: 

What Makes Overwater Bungalows an Irresistible Option for Honeymooners   
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Unique and Rare

There are less than 200 overwater bungalows in several faraway destinations. They are standalone properties and cost more to build than normal hotel rooms. Most of these bungalows are not perfect for families to stay. 

When you start in those bungalows, you can enjoy the seclusion with your partner, panoramic views, and direct access to water.

Water Bodies

Do you and your partner like swimming? Overwater bungalows are the perfect place to stay. Besides providing the perfect ambiance, they also come with swimming pools. Most of them are built for only two persons with a king-size bed as the sole sleeping option. 

If you stay in a bungalow on your honeymoon in the Maldives, you can spend time on white beaches and wide underwater reefs. You get direct access to the sea and have romantic dinners every night.

Value for the Money

You can get both expensive and affordable overwater bungalows that are worth the price. All-inclusive accommodation costs are as high as approximately $4,000 a night. As stated earlier, there are also options in the $1,000 range, with certain conditions and requirements. You also get perks such as sundries, liquors, afternoon canapes, butlers, and airport transfers that make them worth the price. 

To save your money, you can even rent an overwater bungalow for as little as $150 per night. You may need to search extensively and compromise on other aspects to get a reasonably priced overwater bungalow. Every unit comes with a deck, desk, refrigerator, futon, and a king-size bed facing the water. 

Private Deck

The best overwater bungalows tend to have a private deck. But your villa is incomplete without a ladder down to the water body. Most of these properties stand 3-7 feet above the water. 

Some bungalows even incorporate small slides on the deck, which is a fun way to enter the water. Or, you can just go old-fashioned and dive in from your deck. 


You can find these types of bungalows in two stories. The spacious units with two levels can be ideal for relaxing well and having an extended honeymoon. Sometimes, the area limitations make you feel bored and stuck after two to three days. 

If you have always been fond of spacious accommodation, two-story bungalows would be worth the investment for your honeymoon. You get to choose between two bedrooms, each with Wifi, AC, and other amenities, while also having your own personal indoor sauna. 

So, when you don't feel like stepping out in the scorching sun, you can close the curtains, switch on AC, and take a nap. When you can't go out because of rain, you can sleep peacefully, have delicious food delivered to your room, or just spend time in the spa. 

So, these are the reasons to consider overwater bungalows for your honeymoon. They can be a brand new, luxurious experience, making your honeymoon even more special and unforgettable for both you and your partner.

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