The It Girls Approved Shapewear Types to Try On

Are you looking for body shapewear that is both efficient as well as comfortable at the same point in time? Shapellx is the appropriate choice. These body shaping garments will enhance your day by making you feel like a superwoman.

Also known as a foundation garment, it temporarily alters the shape of your body. Thus, assisting you in achieving a beautiful and fashionable body shape. Some of the very intriguing body shapewear types available on the Shapellx are the following: 

Coresculpt firm tummy compression bodysuit shaper with butt lifter 

Do you want to bring out the best looks in you within seconds? The firm tummy compression best plus size shapewear along with a butt lifter is the best choice to make. It does not shift from its place and sticks firmly to your body. No matter how much you shake your body, run, jump, twist throughout your day.

Some of the other noticeable features of the tummy compression bodysuit shaper with butt lifter are:

• It creates a very seamless and clean look without the formation of any wrinkles.

• It has three layers, which leads to abdominal and tummy control.

• It comes with a non-padded butt lifter

• It also has a zippered crotch. Thus, enhancing the convenience of going to restrooms.

 The plastic bones on either side prevent curling. It prevents rolling and imprints on your thighs. 

Corescuplt hourglass fully bodies Shapewear

Available in beige and black colours, this bodysuit gives a new meaning to your fashionable moments. This high waist garment has numerous shaping panels, providing a seamless and streamlined look beneath all kinds of clothes.

Some other excellent results of this bodysuit are the following:

• It boosts your confidence by making you feel great from the inside out. It is the best shapewear piece, providing a perfect fit to your body.

• It comes with double layering on the waist. Therefore, providing extra support to your stomach.

• The high raised waistband smoothens the waistline by multiple times. 

Corescuplt postpartum max support 

Are you feeling tired of weird lumps of unflattering bulges beneath your pretty dresses? You can indeed control the looks of such outfits by wearing a Corescuplt postpartum maxAB support bodysuit. You can wear this shapewear before and after an event. It creates a very smooth and sleek look within a fraction of seconds of wearing it.

Some other intriguing effects of wearing it are the following:

• The silky soft fabric fits under all kinds of dresses and clothes. Thus, providing comfort throughout the day.

• This bodysuit has adjustable and removable shoulder straps, allowing flexibility. 

There are various types of best shapewear for women. Each of them has its super unique features and aims. These wearables are very light in weight and might come with a bra inside them for halters and dresses. Usually, such wearables are categorised based on offerings of shape control. These could be medium, firm, or light. You can log on to Shapellx for attaining any of such magical body shapewear. Such foundation garments emphasis your body shape and beautifies your figure.

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