Better Not Younger - Hairstyling Tips for Women 40+

In their 40s, many women notice the end of shiny strands and the beginning of dull, lifeless hair that is hard to manage. With age, our hair changes in texture, thickness and color. More than likely, you’re battling a different hair type in your 40s than what you had in your 20s. Don’t fear, we’ve rounded up the best hair-care tips and tricks to breathe life back into your hair. With a few tweaks to your hair-care routine you will be on your way to a never-ending streak of good hair days. Continue reading for the best hair styling tips for women 40+.

Better Not Younger - Hairstyling Tips for Women 40+

Understanding Age-Related Hair Changes

Many women being to notice hair changes starting in their 40s. As you age, your hair’s life cycle is shortened, causing fine hair to fall out. Over time, your hair isn’t able to grow back at the same rate it falls. When women enter their 40s, menopause is a major culprit of hair changes. Sex hormones that promote hair health are diminished and there is a dominance of testosterone. Testosterone converts to DHT, a hormone that shrinks follicles and contributes to hair loss. Women may also experience hair changes in their 40s due to genetics, harsh hairstyling, stress, poor diet choices and harsh hair products.

The Best Hairstyling Tips for Women 40+

There’s no need to panic—just because your hair has changed doesn’t mean you can’t attain your hair goals. Follow these top-secret tips to get your best-styled hair no matter your age.

Get Familiar with Your Hair Type

Hair styling isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution. Getting to know your hair type and texture will help you make the best hairstyling choices. You can weed through hair products and prevent wreaking havoc on your innocent mane. Discerning your hair type can be complicated, but to keep it simple hair ranged from thin to thick. If your hair is lightweight and struggles to maintain volume and hold a hairstyle, you probably have thin hair; whereas, if your hair is heavy, course and frizzy, you most likely have thick hair.

It Starts with a Good Haircut

A good haircut lays the necessary foundation for executing the hairstyles you dream of. Snipping away the split ends every eight weeks will give your hair body and make strands appear full of life. Leaving dead ends go without maintenance may result in frayed, course tresses that are more prone to breakage. Also, don’t be afraid to cut in some layers, try a new length or add bangs.

Don’t Skimp on the Conditioner

As we age, your tresses may require some extra TLC in the shower. A conditioner is formulated with moisturizing agents to improve the feel and manageability of hair. It minimizes friction between hair strands to allow for less tangles and smoother brushing. Conditioner improves the elasticity of our hair, which helps your strands withstand tension without excessive breakage. For an extra boost of moisture, try using a deep conditioning mask once or twice a month. Deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft to provide long-lasting hydration.

Turn Down the Heat

As we age, hot tools are not our friends. The best-case scenario for your tresses is to skip the heat all together—easier said than done, right? For when this isn’t possible, try to keep your hot tool on a low temperature setting. It is unnecessary to exceed a temperature of 350 on your hot tools. Be sure to always use an alcohol-free heat protectant spray, like the “No Remorse Heat Protection and Taming Spray” by Better Not Younger, to protect your locks from heat damage. This spray contains vitamin E and nourishing oils to condition dry strands from damage and tames frizz.

Tame Frizz with a Serum

Nothing ruins a good hair day quite like unruly, frizzy locks. Hair serums are the new buzz in the hair-care industry. A hair serum is a styling product that coats the surface of the hair to boost shine, smoothness and hydration. Serums also offer a layer of protection against humidity and pollution. A serum will help you attain the sleeker, more polished finish you may be searching for.

Reach for Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the perfect refresher for greasy, flat tresses. Not only does it absorb oil from your roots, but it adds volume too. Dry shampoo adds lift, texture and grip to hold your hairstyles all day long. Be mindful that dry shampoo shouldn’t be used as a replacement for your regular shampoo and make sure to choose a non-comedogenic product to prevent pores from clogging.


As we age, it’s important to adapt our haircare routines to meet the changing needs of our hair. It’s even possible to achieve your best-styled locks yet! Following these six tips will have you on your way to a smooth, shiny mane.

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