What Lighting to Select When Improving Your Property

Lighting is not something that is often given much consideration until we have to. It’s something that many of us take for granted or certainly don’t pay much attention to, especially in the workplace. However, the right lighting can not only improve the aesthetics of a workplace, it can help to prevent issues or injuries and it could also even result in improved productivity. Choosing right lighting, such as the high quality light fixtures of Astro Lighting, can not only improve the aesthetics of a workplace, but it can also help to prevent issues or injuries and it could also even result in improved productivity. They should be more than enough reasons for you to consider improving your property with the right lighting.

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What Lighting to Select When Improving Your Property
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What should your lighting levels be?
For desk or other task areas, it is recommended that the levels should be 300 to 500 lux as a minimum. These levels should be suitable for prolonged work on computers, for extended periods of reading and for work on machinery too. Heights of 1,200 to 1,600mm above floor level should be lit to 150 lux.

Entrance halls, receptions and lobbies should be around 200 lux and this is also recommended for a dining area in a restaurant. A retail space should have 500 lux as a minimum so that shoppers can properly see what they are buying!

Lighting to improve your property

Emergency lighting
For obvious reasons, any work place should have emergency lighting in place. In the event of a problem and even when the mains power goes out, escape routes from the building should be clearly illuminated. This will help staff exit calmly and safely, removing them from potential danger. Once this is in place, there also needs to be regular emergency light testing to ensure it would operate as it should when required.

LED lights
These are a great option for improving a property as they are better for the environment thanks to the reduced amount of energy they use. But in addition to that, using less energy also reduces utility bills meaning they are beneficial to you too.

Flexible lighting
If your employees are conducting intricate tasks at any point in the working day, it might be the case that they need more light at certain times. Installing luminaire LED lighting that can be extended and retracted as required and, help you to see better without causing any eye strain. This could lead to improved productivity.

Exterior security lights
Personal safety is of grave importance in the workplace and exterior security lights can assist this. They can also serve to prevent the staff or property from being targeted by criminals too. Security lights can illuminate pathways, car parks, outdoor storage areas, and so on to ensure people don’t fall or trip over anything. Floodlights which come on once motion is detected might well deter any illegal intruders from trying to gain access or accost anyone outside the building.

The right lighting can drastically improve any property or work place and can result in happier, healthier, more productive employees who also have the benefit of working in a safer environment. Upgrade yours today to see the benefits.

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