Can You Make Your Own Speaker Instead of Buying a Soundbar?

Perhaps you have seen one of the many videos on the internet on sites like Youtube or Metacafe that show you how you can make your very own High Definition (HD) speaker for only $1. You might be wondering is this for real can I really make a $1 speaker and if so how? Well, you can make a $1 speaker or one for even less you can probably make one for no cost at all if you have the right items at home and there is a good chance that you do then you can make a speaker on your own right now.

Can You Make Your Own Speaker Instead of Buying a Soundbar?
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If you have not seen the videos on how to make an HD speaker then here is how they claim you can make your own $1 HD speaker. You have to get aluminum foil, a penny, tape, headphones, and a Styrofoam plate. The way they claim that you are supposed to start is by wrapping the aluminum foil around the Styrofoam plate, and then you tape a penny to the center of the aluminum foil. Cut the headphones off and attach the wires to the penny. Then plug the speaker into any device like a computer or Walkman.

So you probably want to know if this will work or not. Well before trying it out on your own, you should read this warning under no circumstances should you. I repeat DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT ALL IT IS DANGEROUS. If you do try this all you are going to do is start a fire. 

If you don't believe me and want to try it for yourself then just think about it for a second you just cut a couple of electric wires and attached them to some aluminum foil and a plate what do you think is going to happen when you put power to the speakers. I have tried this out not because I thought it would work but to verify it would not.

So you are probably disappointed and think that is all there is no reason to read on, well you are wrong. You can actually make a speaker yourself out of some simple items that you likely already have or you can get the latest budget cans. This is something that people have been doing for a long time and you can too.

To make your own simple speaker you will need a plate or some other object like an Ice lid which is another popular piece to use instead of a plate, or even a Styrofoam cup, magnet, wire, headphones, and some tape.

First, wrap the wire around the magnet and then tape the magnet wrapped in wire to the plate, cup, or whatever you choose to use. The wrapping should have two ends and you should strip the plastic from them.

Then you cut the headphone wires. Connect the loose ends of both wires together in this system as you can see you do not have any loose wires to start fires.

Then plug in the headphones to get your speaker to work. If you have ever seen the speaker part of a large speaker or a guitar amp you will know that speakers work by using electricity running through magnets so at least this project should sound believable and is a lot safer especially if you tape up the connection with electrical tape.

Sure, it isn’t some fancy Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar that will give you an almost theater-like experience, but it can work. Plus, you’ll save on some serious money by not purchasing a best soundbars for alexa. You might not get the best speaker, but for a free speaker with some old items from around the house, you can’t go wrong.

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