The Face Inc @ Parkson Elite One Utama Shopping Mall

In celebration of five years of its revolutionary skincare range, The Face Inc, an international skincare brand recently opened fifth store in Parkson Elite @ One Utama Shopping Mall on the 7th of July 2020 along with other established skincare brands. These new consumer touch-points reflect the brand’s dynamic and innovative take on providing doctor-prescribed skincare at your fingertips.

The Face Inc, Parkson Elite, One Utama Shopping Mall, 5th outlet, shopping mall, beauty
The Face Inc @ Parkson Elite One Utama Shopping Mall

Within the next six to 12 months, more brand-driven counters and stores will be established in key locations for Malaysia and Borneo. “The Face Inc Parkson Elite store at 1u resembles the first flagship store in our retail chain acting as a showcase for the brand. 

Its design is classy, clinical and clean showcasing our brand with 5 years establishment in Malaysia and Singapore. The focus is on experiencing medical-grade skincare with our professionally trained Beauty advisors, creating a one-stop destination store for skincare consultation similar to the ones in aesthetic clinics.” Said Wenda Tan, Director of The Face Inc.

The Face Inc, Parkson Elite, One Utama Shopping Mall, 5th outlet, shopping mall, beauty
The Face Inc Eyelift
The multiple award-winning peptide infused high-performance eye serum has continued to be their bestselling product. Visibly lifted eyes can be achieved in just 30 seconds and this has been proven time and time again by beauty influencers and customers alike.

Inspired by skin and perfected by science, The Face Inc’s products are so effective that they are comparable to those prescribed at aesthetics clinics and skin doctors. To assist customers in selecting the best skincare regime, the dermatologists at The Face Inc have developed a detailed online questionnaire, personified by a virtual Dr. Rei.

Through a structured series of questions aided by pictures, the intelligent online service analyses individual skin condition and precisely customizes a range of products specific to the skin concerns of the customer, taking away any guesswork and the need to self-prescribe.
Healthy skin is beautiful skin. The Face Inc's hardworking products are perfect for busy individuals who demand more from their skincare routine, as they deliver multiple benefits and skin-enhancing treatment in each step of the routine for the best skin one can ever have.

For more information please visit The Face Inc Website and Facebook

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