7 Things You Can Cook in a Rice Cooker

When you are a unitasker, you may be wondering why you need a kitchen appliance that only cooks rice. As it seems like adding more clutter to your kitchen. However, if you have a rice cooker you can now prepare meals, keep them warm, and it is easy to clean it. Have a rice cooker to try some of the things that you have not tried before, and you will love it even more. The rice cooker is a kitchen mainstay, and it is not an everyday meat shredding claw or strawberry slicer. When you have a rice cooker, you are sure you are saving the possibility of burning a pot of rice, and you can also impress a finicky with the dishes that you can cook with it. Here are things you can cook in a rice cooker.

Rice Cooker, Rice Dishes, Cooking, Home Appliances, Home, Lifestyle
7 Things You Can Cook in a Rice Cooker

1. Mixed Rice  

Rice Cooker, Rice Dishes, Cooking, Home Appliances, Home, Lifestyle
Mixed Rice

Rice is one of the meals that you have to make with a rice cooker. However, not just the usual steam rice but vegetable rice or Mexican rice for a change. It is a simple and creative way to make this rice as you make some vegetables in a skillet, toast some rice, and put everything into the cooker. 

In half an hour, you will have your meal ready to serve. There are many types of rice dishes that you can try with your rice cooker and even for a complete meal. For instance, when you cook chicken and rice mixed with coconut milk and spinach that is ready in 45 minutes, gives you an entire dinner. Check through other recipes online and folks at foodal to get guides about using your rice cooker.

2. Pancakes 
Imagine getting your breakfast pancakes ready by using your rice cooker. Yes, it is possible, and you can now easily have your rice cooker piping hot pancakes. So, if you dream of pancakes slathered in butter, with blueberries and with pure maple syrup that dribbles down the stack. The rice cooker will sort you out if you have a simple pancake recipe. 

Thus, even when you are in a rush to go to work, you can have your hot pancakes ready. In most cases, they are thicker than regular pancakes. Depending on how fast you need your pancake to be ready, you can choose a recipe with few ingredients, or if you have time on your side, you can try a berry pancake that is made with frozen berries, and it is an amazing comfort breakfast dish.

3. Eggs 

Another breakfast option you can consider if you are watching your carbs, and pancakes are not an ideal option for you, try eggs. Cook your eggs with a rice cooker, and due to the size of the pot, you will get a picture-perfect omelet for you and your family. The egg dishes that you can try are numerous, and many of them are straight forward for anyone to try. 

Also, you can add cooked meat like bacon and sausage, chopped vegetables, and you can change up the cheese. As you make your eggs with a rice cooker, you do not need to meal prep anything you just mix all you need in your egg dish. Make the steam-cooked eggs that you can have for your snack anytime, and they are amazing as an easy grab and go breakfast. So, prep your steamed eggs instead of the boiled ones and you can store them in the fridge for up to a week.

4. Potatoes 
To those that love baked potatoes, cooking them with a rice cooker gives you an ideal middle cooking ground. Since when you try cooking them in a microwave, they can be iffy, and in the oven, they take forever. Choose the starchy varieties for this type of potato dish if you do not want potatoes everywhere. 

So steam your potatoes and garlic in the rice cooker, add some cream and butter, and you will love the smooth outcome of your baked potatoes. Since you cannot easily make French fries in a rice cooker, try baked potatoes and you will love the outcome.

5. Cakes 

Rice Cooker, Rice Dishes, Cooking, Home Appliances, Home, Lifestyle

Not only can you cook your breakfast with a rice cooker, but you can make a delicious dessert. Experiment by making a carrot cake for your first try. Plus, add orange zest for flavor and the extra brightness, and for a dramatic finish, add candied carrot ribbons. Also, you can make your moist cake, that is light and fluffy but still dense. 

To make these cakes you need steam, and with a rice cooker, you will achieve the same crust less delicacy. They are a delicious option for the first-timer. And although the ingredients are almost similar to the American cheesecake, the texture and density are different.

6. Apple sauce 
One of the simplest recipes that you can prepare in a rice cooker is apple sauce. This is possible because it is more of a method and less of a recipe. Due to the simplicity that it has try it when you have a lot of apples. Also, while using the rice cooker method, it bypasses peeling and it gives your home a nice aroma of a crisp orchard during the fall. 

Also with these, you can customize your sauce by adding strawberries to get a rosy hue or by substituting pears. Make a bigger batch of this addictive sauce, and you can drizzle it in your cereal bowl, Greek yogurt, or on toast, and you can create something sweet and savory.

7. Soup 

Rice Cooker, Rice Dishes, Cooking, Home Appliances, Home, Lifestyle
Red Bean Soup 

Soup is essential to have when you need a starter to your meal. It is soul-soothing, and you do not require long hours to make it. Therefore, it is a no brainer to use a rice cooker to cook some. 

One soup you can try is to blend lentils and tomatoes to make a hearty and vibrant tomato soup that has added protein and fiber. All you have to do is add all ingredients to your rice cooker and allow it to cook.

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