How to Buy the Perfect Fitting Men’s Scrubs

The best-fitting men’s scrubs will make you look and feel good while at work. A comfortable fit matches your body shape and helps you update your work style. The right fitting scrub will provide you the utmost comfort, no matter how long you wear it.

How to Buy the Perfect Fitting Men’s Scrubs
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Men’s scrub tops are cut wider through the shoulders and across the back and are looser through the waist. The pants range from casual to classic styles and usually sit around the natural waistline, but there are low rise and mid-rise options available to suit different wearing preferences. The scrub suits for men come in various fits from classic and roomy to modern and sleek for medical professionals.

Here are some things to consider for buying the perfect fitting scrubs for men.

Determine Your Measurements
Buying the right fit is essential to avoid feeling uncomfortable and distracted while at work. Shopping from an online uniform store that deals with a variety of scrubs in all sizes can make your job easier. But, you need proper measurements first.

To get the best fitting scrubs, take measurements of your chest, waist, height, hip, outside leg, and inseam measurements. For the most accurate measurements, you should let someone else measure for you.

Compare Your Measurements to the Brand’s Size Chart
Most of the brands have their size charts that you can check before placing an order. For the perfect fit, it is always better to compare your measurements to the size chart. If you like wearing fitted scrubs, you can choose your correct size.

But, if you want more freedom of movement, one size up will be ideal. Baggy or tight-fitting scrubs can be uncomfortable and may become quite a distraction, making it more important to get the right fit. It keeps you focused on patient care, even during tiring night shifts.

Type of Fabric
The type of fabric you choose will also impact your sizing decision. The right fabric will keep your scrubs from looking shapeless and provide a perfect fit. Cotton or polyester blends resist fading and offer a relaxed fit. Scrubs made with a blend of stretch fabric will give a slimming and ergonomic fit while providing flexibility.

Style of Scrubs
Men’s scrubs come in different styles, including classic, modern, and unisex. A classic scrub top is quite roomy, ensuring comfort while a stylish scrub top, such as cargo and jogger styles, is fitted closer to the body for a masculine look. Unisex styles are not exclusively for men and have a looser chest and waist area.

Scrub Details
Some of the scrub tops come with side slits for ease of movement. Scrub pants with drawstrings allow you to adjust the waist corresponding to your body, giving you a comfort fit. Also, you may find scrub pants offering both elastic and drawstring closure for a more comfortable fit. It depends on your specific preferences.

For the fashion-conscious medical professionals, buying well-fitting scrubs will make you look great every day. Choose the right size men’s scrubs that provide you a good fit, making you appear comfortable and confident at work.

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