How To Sanitize Your Home During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Our lifestyle changed when Covid-19 hit the world, there are many New Norms and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Hygiene is ultimately importante, especially when it comes to keeping our home sanitized and germ-free. Therefore, today I would like to share How To Sanitize Your Home During Covid-19 Pandemic?

How To Sanitize Your Home During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Before Covid-19, I usually clean my house once a week, mostly during weekends. But now, I clean and sanitize my house almost daily especially the areas that I use most like living room, bedroom, and kitchen. I am glad that I got this Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant, 500ml that comes with a spray nozzle for hassle-free usage.

It is alcohol-free, suitable for a surface wipe and most important Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is formulated to kill 99.9% of germs. It is developed using pH neutral compounds, making it suitable for use on surfaces in the kitchen and dining areas.

Well, some of you might be wondering why Kleenso Kill Germs Disinfectant does not contain any alcohol, and it is known that a high level of alcohol can kill germs and viruses. How effective is this disinfectant?

Disinfectants with high alcohol content are designed for use in critical areas such as hospitals.  Due to the corrosive characteristics of these chemical compounds, they are recommended to be used only by trained personnel, wearing protective equipment such as gloves. Moreover, these disinfectants are costly and prohibited from being sold online as they are highly flammable.

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is designed for general and daily use. We have developed this disinfectant to be safe and affordable, making it suitable for use at public and common areas.

External lab tests conducted on Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant reveals that when it is applied on surfaces containing 94 different groups of germs, it successfully eliminated all of these germs. This proves the effectiveness of the Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant.

Usage: There are several ways you can use Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant effectively

General Cleaning
Apply Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant with a cloth or sponge directly on the intended surface or spray the disinfectant on the surface. Leave the surface to be exposed for ten minutes, then wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth.

For Surfaces That May Come Into Contact with Food
Applying Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant on the intended surface with a cloth or sponge, then rinse disinfectant off the surface with potable water.

Cleaning Floors
Mix 1 cup of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant to 4 litres of water and apply the solution to the floor with a mop.

Squirt ½ cup of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant on the inner sides of the toilet and toilet bowl rim. Then, brush the areas thoroughly before flushing.

Disinfact Cloth-Based Items
Apply 2 caps of Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant to 2 litres of water. Soak the cloth in the solution for 3 minutes. Then, rinse it with water and leave it to dry at room temperature.
Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is not recommended for use on soft vinyl, varnished surfaces or aluminium. For use on paint works, it is recommended that the disinfectant is tested by applying it on a small area of the paint work first.

Availability: Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant can be purchased from the Kleenso Online Store, as well as local retailers including Parkson, MR DIY, TF Mart and Family Store.

For more information about Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant, please visit Kleenso

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