Recipe: How to Cook Pulled Pork

A perfectly cooked, juicy and tender pork is one of the best dishes that can go on your table when you have friends and family coming over. Food, we have always known, makes for the most important part of a gathering and reunions. You bond over a sumptuous meal, reminisce over some lost flavours of your childhood and end the evening on a happy note. Food really is the greatest bonding factor that brings people in joyous unions and sets the tone of an occasion. No wonder there are food festivals galore where people come and share their love for food and soak their taste buds in a deluge of flavours from different parts of the world.

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Recipe: How to Cook Pulled Pork

Now, coming back to the topic of pulled pork, we have already spoken about how any recipe made with pulled pork can enhance the quality of your menu for the evening. It is a dish that works well with most people and leaves an aftertaste that many would love to relish for a long time. 

Speaking of which, we have brought an article that will enlighten you on the best method of cooking pulled pork. And not just that, we shall also have a look at all the things you will need to prepare the same and the kind of pork that shall be the best for the recipe. There is a myriad of pulled pork recipes available on the internet. However, the one that we have here provides an insight into the physics of the same.

The Kind of Pork Required:

The best kind of pork that works the best in cooking pulled pork is the meat from the shoulder of the pork. Though you can also make the same recipe with ham, pork shoulders are usually worked the best for making tender pulled pork. Another decision that you might want to make is the choice of cooking pork on the bone or going for boneless meat. 

Pork on the bone might take longer to cook, but you must always remember that bones have a flavour of their own and can enhance the taste of the entire dish. Boneless pork is easier to make, but you might miss out the taste that bones add to a dish made out of any kind of meat. However, the final call is yours. Choose wisely and according to what seems the most convenient to you. 

Recipe: How to Cook Pulled Pork, Cooking Recipe, Recipe, How to Cook Pulled Pork,How to Cook, Pulled Pork Recipe, Food
Recipe: How to Cook Pulled Pork

You Must Slow Cook the Pork:

Slow cooking pork takes a very long time. But it is also the best way to let your pork cook in its own juices and become more succulent with time. You must take some time to slow cook your pork if you are to relish the dish once you plate it. In order to slow cook your pork, you need to put the pulled pork inside a heavy pot with a lid and pour a bit of water or any liquid of your preference (that compliments the flavour of the pork) and let it cook for a few hours. Yes, you will need a few hours for the pork to be cooked in its entirety. You will know that your pork is cooked well when the meat falls off the bone.

The Ingredients and Instructions:

You can add your favourite vegetables and seasonings to the broth and in marinating the pork. However, the ones that work the best with a classic recipe of pulled pork of about 4 to 6 pounds are as follows:

1 tablespoon of salt
1.5 tablespoons of finely ground pepper
Mixed herbs (according to your preference)
Sauce and extra seasonings (according to your preference)
Vegetables of your preference (however, do not crowd the broth with too many types of vegetables)
1 chopped onion
4 to 5 cloves of smashed garlic

Once you are done arranging the ingredients for your pulled pork recipe, you must preheat the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit and place the seasoned pork inside the oven. Add vegetables and sauces to your preference and pour the liquid (water or beer over the pork). Cover the lid of the pot and let it cook over medium-high for a minimum of three hours. Once you take your pork out of the oven, you can either let the broth be as it is or reduces the quantity to your preference. Finally, transfer the pork in a bowl and moisten it with the remaining broth. That is all you have to do.

Summing Up:

The only effort you need to invest is in getting the ingredients and arranging the perfect kind of pork meat. The three hours that you need to set aside for the pork to cook is hand-off time and does not require you to do anything. You can sit and relax while you pork cooks on its own, in its own juices. Pulled pork makes the perfect dish for a fun evening or an occasion where you would want to bond over food and drinks. Use this classic method of cooking pulled pork and enhance the fun you have with your family and friends over the dish.

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