Top Tips for Your Gender Reveal Party

It seems that modern traditions are not favoring baby showers and they are gradually disappearing from the scene. Baby showers are becoming less and less common for a variety of reasons. The co-ed baby shower was attempted but trying to cram the male population into a festivity geared entirely toward women would only go so far with the most patient male-folk.

Top Tips for Your Gender Reveal Party
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So, a new festivity was unveiled and is taking the scene by storm – the “Gender Reveal” party. 

This new celebration of life is a fairly simple tradition and that’s probably why it is so popular. You invite the guests to a genderless event and celebrate together as you break the news to everyone. 

This can be a large function enough to fill a football field or a small dinner with a handful of friends and family. You can serve a four-course dinner or just a few eggrolls and cake. There are no rules to the gender reveal party. The simple goal is to break the big news and make the occasion a memorable event with the people they care about – and food, because everyone likes to eat something good. 

The Big Reveal 

The centerpiece to the function will be the big announcement. You don’t want to make the announcement three minutes after you begin the party as this will kill the suspense in its cradle. Allow the tensions to build and the mystery to rise with each passing moment. Many teams have a tally taken, bets placed or teams take sides for the new baby girl or boy. 

Once the preliminaries have been addressed, it’s time to make the big announcement. The best ideas now involve making some sort of food – and why not the king of foods? CAKE! Concealed within an unassuming frosting will be a cake with the color that reveals the new baby as a boy or a girl. There will be many occasions when not even the parents know what the gender is – they simply take the sealed doctor’s note to the bakery and pick up a cake and find out along with everyone else.

Other ideas for making the big announcement can include:

Balloons filled with pink or blue confetti - You can customize your own confetti cannon

Mom lifts her shirt to reveal an announcement painted on her torso

A bird’s egg with message inside

A helium balloon in a box that carries the message high 

Open an envelope containing the answer

Having someone else make an announcement

Obviously different plans you make will require more detailed planning. The most important thing is that the announcement is heard unequivocally by all. Otherwise, you will have those few pockets of people near the back in the back whispering, “What did she say?”


It stands to reason that if the point of the baby shower was to have gifts, then the gender reveals alternative should also have gifts? Obviously, if the guests are not sure of the gender it could make some gift selections more difficult than others. Maybe a book shower or diaper shower would be a better idea. But, the rule book for gender reveals parties has not yet been established so feel free to plan as you choose.

Party Favors

It’s not a bad idea to pass out mustaches, bonnets, pink ribbons or buttons to help each team choose their side is a good option for some people. But, if you don’t want to pass out these details it is not actually necessary, just a fun way to add life to the party.

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