Car Care Tips: How to Prolong Car Wipers Lifespan

If you are driving, always remember that basic maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle will ultimately give you peace of mind that every part of your car is in good working condition and help you to save repair cost also. Today I would like to share some car care tips on how to prolong the lifespan of your wipers to help you see better and stay safe on the roads during the monsoon season. 

Car Care Tips: How to Prolong Car Wipers Lifespan
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Well, most of the car drivers would probably don’t give the wipers that much thought, but you should. Wipers are a vital safety feature in our cars that not only ensure clear vision, especially with the ongoing monsoon season but, is also imperative in keeping everyone safe on the road. 

Car Care Tips: How to Prolong Car Wipers Lifespan

1. Opt for A Trusted Brand
Since it concerns your safety and that of others on our shared roads, look for trusted brands that thorough test quality, durability, and longevity of their wipers. Opt for wipers that can withstand different weather conditions and provide superior wiping performance over a longer period of time, increasing the safety of drivers while on the road. 

With the monsoon season here, be sure to check your wipers today to see if they need replacing. Nowadays, you can shop online and use Lazada vouchers to get extra discounts and deals. Keeping your wipers in good working order helps ensure that you can see clearly in varying weather conditions and keeps everyone safe on our shared roads. 

2. Rain Repellent is No Substitute for Wipers
A common misconception is that a water-repellent coating on your windshield means not having to change your wipers as often because you use it less frequently. However, this coating causes more harm as it wears the wipers off unevenly which affects the wiping quality and longevity of your wipers and create a ‘hazing’ effect.

The ‘hazing’ effect on windshields with a water-repellant coating takes a long time to disappear after each wiping cycle which makes it difficult to see especially at night.  In comparison, for windshields without this coating, the ‘hazing’ effect lasts just a second after a wipe cycle.

3. Keep Your Windshield Clean
Wiper blades are cheap to replace and easy to maintain compared to other car parts. Implementing good habits and practices such as keeping your windshield clean, regularly checking your wipers before and after the monsoon season for wear and tear and periodically removing debris build-up from your wipers can help prolong the lifespan of your wipers, giving you cleaner wipes every time and more value for money in the long run.

One misconception is that lifting your wiper arm up on hot sunny days will prevent the wiper blades from getting damaged due to the intense heat. However, this practice can damage the spring of your wiper arm which will cause uneven wiping and is a much costlier fix compared to regularly checking and replacing your wipers.

4. Inspect Your Wipers Every Six (6) Months
A pro tip especially for new drivers is to make it a habit to check your wipers every six months to see if they have hardened and are worn out, torn, or cracked as these are indications that your wipers need to be changed immediately.

5. Change Your Wipers When You Notice These Signs
Like most car parts, wipers eventually wear out from regular use, environmental influences that affect the chemical structure of the wiper material, and the constant smearing of pollution, dirt, leaves, and insects across the windshields. Yes, you heard us right! Insects on your windshield can speed up the wear and tear of wipers.

Watch out for water stripes and streaks, large unwiped sections, cross beams as well as rattling and fluttering when you use the wipers. It’s a good thing that 94% of Malaysian drivers are able to identify these signs of wear and tear, it means you’re on the right track towards learning about your wipers.

Remember, you can have the most technological advanced safety features in your car, but none of that matters if you have faulty and ineffective windshield wipers that does not give you clear vision while driving.

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