7 Common Questions About Custom Jewelry Design

A prominent luxury brand owner and designer Coco Chanel believes that "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Life is short, and it won't be delightful if you do not experiment on things around you, and this includes your fashion style. Nowadays, almost all women allot time to style themselves. However, how does a woman style herself anyway? It may mean something like shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Click here to know more about jewelry.

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Your style defines your personality and attitude. It projects your status in life, thus, giving you a good reputation and impression. On the other hand, it also contributes to your self-esteem as a woman. It makes you feel competent and confident.

This article will discuss the history and the common questions asked by many men and women about jewelry.

First things first, when did the custom jewelry start?

It starts a long time ago, where men and women long for something different that will satisfy their taste in fashion and style. During the renaissance period, the hype on art covered many different places in Europe. Both men and women carried them pieces of jewelry, which symbolized their position in society. 

Many jewelry stores all over the world do this because of the demand in it. Moreover, people looked at it as a form of art. Now, let us go to the common questions asked by many people about customizing jewelry. 

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7 Common Questions in Custom Jewelry Design

1. Is customized design jewelry better than wholesale jewelry?

Yes, it is better. Customized design jewelries are far more intricate to do because it gives special attention to the preferred details. However, it does not mean that you have to wait for a long time. Still, the duration of the process depends on the design given by the client.

2. To whom should I consult?

Once you picked the store that you like, talk with the jeweler. He or she will give you suggestions on how you could come up with your chosen design and materials. They also have answers to your questions about the procedure in making one. Ask if he or she will be the one who will make it.

3. What is the process of customizing jewelry?

First, you have to choose the store that you like. From there, you start your consultation. You can ask questions that you have in mind about the design, process, duration, and payment. They will surely help you out to come up with the best piece.

Second, you must finalize your design. Since you opt for a customized one, finalizing it will seal the deal. Also, the jewelry designer will present to you a mock-up using CAD or computer-aided design. It will be better for you to look and inspect the specifications of the piece because it shows the real object. It gives you a more comfortable view of what you are expecting.

Third, your chosen store will start the wax molding. Here, the design that came from CAD will slowly go into life. About the ring size and design, they mold it for the real thing. They will contact you once they molded the jewelry.

Finally, the last step is finishing. The store uses excellent machines for this one. The piece is then cast for the material that you prefer. You can visit sites like https://mimisjewelryinc.com/custom-jewelry/ for more information. It’s important to know your stuff before you make a purchase!

4. How much will it cost me for the customized one?

Since you are asking for a customized one, it will cost you $300 and above. The cost depends on the design and materials for your piece. The more intricate the plan is, the more you should expect the price higher. You can always ask the store to guide you with it.

5. How long should I wait for my piece to finish?

This one also depends on the design. Mostly it will take you weeks into months. You can ask the store on this. The store will give you beforehand about the expected arrival of your piece.

6. What is the equipment that you use?

Some are digital control casting machines, engravers, and polishing machines. The pieces of jewelry are smooth because of this. You have an assurance that everything is in good hands. You can ask the store about it.

7. Can I use gemstone instead of a diamond for my piece?

You can use gem if you want it more than diamond. You have choices like rose quartz, sapphire, and moonstone. You can guarantee that these are also beautiful and classy when placed in your piece.

Jewelry lasts a lifetime and plays a significant role in your life. It is more than the adornment it offers to you. It serves as your memory. It stores the beauty more than you could ever imagine.

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