Is GOLD The Safe Haven?

The Covid-19 Pandemic a health issue has turned into an economic problem which is devastating economies globally. Stock markets and every other form of investments have taken a hit due to the pandemic and will continue to do so until a vaccine is found or humanity achieves herd immunity (people develop their own immunity from the disease). In short, it will take some time to return to some form of normalcy to our lives.

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Is GOLD The Safe Haven?

Bank Negara Malaysia has brought down its Overnight Policy Rate by 25 basis points to a record low of 1.75% effectively bringing down the rates of interest in fixed deposits. (source:

In times of economic uncertainty there has always been one constant that has helped humanity throughout history – GOLD. Gold looked upon as adornment in the best of times, is also the most functional of investments – keep it safe as an investment or convert to currency when required. While other wealth investments are reporting lower rates of return, the gold price has steadily increased by over 15% since January of 2019.

The long-term investment of gold has shown a positive trend over the past 20 years. In the current economic climate Gold is seen as the most promising of investments – the caveat being its rate of return is steady and not that of the speculative nature of the stock market.

The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), a major party in financial activities, including retail and commercial banking, investment banking, investment management, and wealth management, has foreseen gold to push even further in long term with prices of the precious metal inclining by 0.2% by day. (source:

Interestingly there has been a positive awareness about the value of gold among Malaysians in management of their investments. (source:

Gold has been one of the great traditional forms of savings or investing. Traditionally, families would give gold jewellery to newlyweds as a sign of good luck, but also as an emergency fund for rainy days. Modern investors look to gold as a safe investment for the risk averse. 

And especially for the ladies, investing in gold jewellery is wearing their investment and looking good with it. The price of gold doesn’t increase very quickly, but it does appreciate at a steady rate. They may not make a lot of money from it but there’s no risk of a market crash either.

The Habib Group has been providing the service of not only of the sale of gold and gold jewellery, it values and purchases all forms of gold and advises on gold both from a point of view of adornment and investment.

In encouraging investment in this the precious of all metals, The Habib Group is launching its “GOLD FIESTA “from the 10th to 19th of July 2020 offering gold bars as low as 1g to up to 2kg with a discount of RM20/- per gram. Furthermore, Ar-Rahnu Express, an entity under the Habib wing provides free evaluation of precious metals. At the current price peak, customers yearning for cash at hand may tradein or sell their gold at any Ar-Rahnu Express outlets.

For more information about Habib Group, please call the general hotline at 019-2222916 or visit HABIB Website, Facebook, Instagram

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