COVID-19: 6 Vital Things You Must Have At Your Shop

The world has changed all of a sudden, and we are all in a dilemma about where to go from here. However, the show must go on! As countries across the globe relax their Corona-inflicted lockdowns, business resumes.

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COVID-19: 6 Vital Things You Must Have At Your Shop
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However, a lot has changed, and businesses need to make certain adjustments too. Below mentioned are a few things you need to keep with you in your workplace to ensure that Corona does not get to pay you a visit, and everyone you know stays healthy because of your smart choices.


The thing which makes this virus so tricky is that it's hard to see it coming. Not everyone is symptomatic, and so, you will need to ensure optimum protection while dealing with a buyer. You should make it a point to clean any surface that a customer may have touched while visiting your shop. You would need a strong cleaning disinfectant for the same.

Wet wipes

To help you save on water and maintain hygiene, we recommend wet wipes. You could use them to clean your desk and products, just a little spray of a good cleaner/disinfectant over a wet wipe, and you are good to go. All clear!

Ropes, barricades, and more helpful accessories

Social distancing is the core logic behind lockdown. If you follow the rules of social distancing, you will be able to run your business smoothly. To maintain the right distance between yourself and your customers, make use of ropes as barricades positioned at least 3 feet (1 metre) away from your counter or desk. You can hang ropes suggestive of where a customer should stand and further make use of descriptive notes to instruct them on how to behave appropriately.


How to ensure your hands are Corona-free? Buy an alcohol-based branded sanitizer and keep that bottle in your shop to ensure your customers don't bring in any unwanted microscopic visitors along with them. Just a pump and two drops of a gentle sanitizer are enough to kill the virus.


You can reduce human to human transmission by using the disposable mask to cover your face. The water droplets that come out from our mouths, when we cough, sneeze, laugh, or talk, can pass the infection to the other person. To avoid that, use proper masks and shields. Moreover, you should avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes, which can further help you stop the spread. Please note that N95 and surgical masks need to be saved for our healthcare warriors. They too are at risk of Corona, in fact, much more than us! 

Disposable aprons

Your clothes may end up carrying infections, and in particular, they may get leveraged by the pandemic while remaining out of our suspicion radar. Let's imagine a regular day at your shop. You deal with various customers, who may accidentally touch your desk. Now, the contaminants have lined up in your shop. You brush against your desk or bump into someone in the lift. While you are wearing a mask, your shirt and pants are not.

Get them disposable aprons for shields. They will not just help you steer clear of Corona, but they will also help in keeping your clothes neat and clean. To check out some disposable aprons, click here. 

Remember until a vaccine is discovered, the only solution to avoid this problem is to exercise caution and this would need some practice. We aren't used to being so restricted, and some people may find it difficult to use masks or sanitizers this frequently.

However, that can be dealt with if you raise the concern to your physician, they will be able to suggest alternatives to masks or sanitizers.

We hope our tips to help you avoid this sting of Corona, and you stay healthy!

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