How to Handle a Messy Married Life

What starts with immense love and affection for each other, can soon end up getting messed up because of several unresolved issues. It is not impossible to save a messy marriage. However, both you and your spouse will need to have the same intent and desire to make the marriage work. Here are some tips on how you can handle a messy marriage and turn things back to the good days you enjoyed as a couple:

How to Handle a Messy Married Life

1. List All The Issues You Disagree Upon
The first thing you need to do is to figure out what exactly is causing your married life to be so messy. You need to spend some time and come up with a list of reasons for the same. List out all the issues that seem to end up in an argument.

If you notice that there are too many things that lead to a heated argument between you and your partner, there is a high possibility that the problem is with the way you communicate with your partner. Coming up with such a list will help you in understanding what is your role in making the marriage a messy one and how you can contribute towards turning things around for good.

2. Communicate In The Proper Way
Lack of proper communication is the main reason why most marriages fail. You need to talk to your partner about the things they do that you don't appreciate. However, there is a proper way to do so.

Your tone and body language must not be aggressive. Both you and your spouse need to talk to each other about the things bothering you not with an intention to start a fight, but with the intention to resolve the issues. Only by doing so will you be able to sort out most of your differences that have led to your marriage being messy.

Also, make sure that you include your partner in your decision-making process. You don't have to be dependent on them to make decisions for you but making decisions together will help them feel more valued and appreciated.

3. Increase The Positivity In Your Marriage
Just focusing on the negative aspects of your marriage will tend to multiply them even more and you will soon find it difficult to reckon anything good about your spouse. It's always a good option to be more appreciative of the things your spouse does for you. This will help them feel wanted and will bring in some much-needed positivity into the marriage.

Over time, this will help both of you in looking at the good things about each other and your marriage won't be a messy one anymore. Along with appreciation, forgiveness is another thing that you should practice abundantly. Holding grudges in a marriage does no good for anyone. If something has angered you, take some time to reflect on the events and find it in your heart to forgive your spouse.

4. Boost Physical Intimacy
Over time, it is common for many married couples to lose the physical intimacy that they shared in the early days. A lacking sex life will lead to some distance between you and your spouse which could mess up your marriage.

Physical intimacy helps couples appreciate each other more and thus it is important that you solve any sexual issues that you and your spouse are facing. Take help from a sex counseller to ensure that you are able to solve your sexual issues and avoid them from damaging your marriage.

5. Put In Equal Efforts Into Managing The House
Most married couples fight because they feel that one of them is putting more effort to maintain the house than the other. You must sit with your spouse and come up with a plan that allocates equal amounts of home chores to both of you.

Make sure to do your part and complete everything that you are responsible for. Not only does this help in avoiding fights, but ensures that both of you are putting in equal efforts. Moreover, spending time doing chores together can help you get closer to your spouse.

Over to you…
It is important that you realize the signs of a messy marriage early on. It will help you in taking action before things get out of hand. Make sure that you follow these tips and save your messy marriage from falling apart.

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