Weightlifting Accessories to Help Make You Stronger

Working out is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But if you aren’t careful, your training regimen may cause more harm than help. Lifters around the world have suffered from injuries for years because they don’t invest in the proper accessories needed to increase strength while staying safe. We are all striving to hit personal records and break into new thresholds of strength.

Weightlifting Accessories to Help Make You Stronger
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From belts to sleeves, let’s talk about the essential accessories needed to increase fitness levels while keeping the body safe.

Lifting Belts
A lifting belt is an important accessory that is worn throughout variations of squats and deadlifts. Lifting belts serve two purposes: to stabilize the core resulting in reduced stress in the back and to protect the back from hyperextension. Although weight belts may not be necessary when you are using lighter weights, they should be worn when you branch into weight groups that you are less comfortable with. 

If you decide to use a lifting belt, make sure that you are wearing it correctly. Lifting belts should only be utilized when you are doing standing exercises. Lifting belts are meant to be worn tighter than your average pair of pants. These belts should be worn directly under your navel and embrace your core. If you in search of a new lifting belt, you can find some of the highest quality products on the market here.

Gloves and Hand Grips
Lifting weights can tear up your hands. Blisters and calluses cause pain and may hinder your ability to work out for days at a time. Hand grips are wonderful accessories that are used to protect your palms and wrists. Not only do hand grips protect your hands, they increase your forearm and hand strength. Many grips on the market are sweat-resistant and machine washable. There are many high-quality hand grips on the market, giving you the opportunity to find the size and style that is right for you.

Knee Wraps
Knee wraps are worn by many powerlifters in exercises that cause immense pressure to be placed on the joints. Commonly, knee wraps are worn during squat exercises. In addition to protecting the quadriceps, knee wraps relieve pressure that would otherwise be placed on the patella tendon. Wraps are easily adjustable and give your legs have the ability to support more weight.

Elbow Sleeves
Elbow sleeves (also known as compression sleeves) used to only be used by athletes with poor circulation. Nowadays, many athletes are wearing elbow sleeves for their typical, daily workouts. Not only do elbow sleeves improve blood flow, they help protect the arm from any unwanted stretch or overextension. 

Elbows sleeves are commonly used in high-intensity workouts where extra support is needed. When your blood flow is healthy throughout your workout, you will recover quicker. When looking for the right elbow sleeves, it is important to find a product that is durable, comfortable, and washable.

Many athletes are now using Kinesiology Therapeutic (KT) tape in their regular fitness regimen. Although it may look silly to have tape scatted across your limbs, there are certainly undeniable benefits to using this product. KT Tape reduces pain in joints, increases mobility, decreases likelihood of injury, and quickens recovery. 

KT Tape is extremely stretchy and is designed to create a tiny space between the tissue and the skin. Although the space created by this tape is microscopic, it greatly reduces irritation in joints and muscles throughout the body. KT Tape is used to support muscles, treat injuries, and encourage proper form.

There are so many amazing accessories that make powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding safer! By researching and finding fitness accessories that work, you can protect your muscles and build your strength.

In many cases, proper weightlifting gear is the key to increasing strength linearly and progressively. Invest in fitness accessories today and minimize the negative effects of weightlifting on your body. 

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