Zo In Sung: That Winter, The Wind Blows

More Korean Drama for you girls hehehe… I know some of you are crazy for him still remember What Happened In Bali? Zo In Sung (Spring Day, Memories in Bali) star of That Winter, The Wind Blows has embarked on his publicity tour to Southeast Asia in promotion of his popular Korean drama series on ONE HD (Astro B.yond HD Ch 393).

Zo In Sung was in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on 21st and 22nd May 2013, Zo keeps his date his fans of both cities in promotion of the beautifully shot and romantic 16-part That Winter,The Wind Blows. He will also relate his experiences from shooting That Winter, The Wind Blows.  The touching drama series is set to re-run by popular demand from 1 June 2013, airing in dual sound on Saturdays and Sundays at 3.15pm on ONE HD.

ONE HD’s That Winter, The Wind Blows is the blockbuster Korean drama series to date in 2013 with a touching story, excellent writing, and visuals to match, brought to life by a brilliant cast. Leading man Zo stars opposite Song Hye Kyo (Full HouseThe World That They Live In), both making their comebacks to TV with this series. That Winter, The Wind Blows is Zo's first TV drama in eight years since Spring Day in 2005, and his first acting project since completing mandatory military service in 2011.

In That Winter, The Wind Blows, Zo plays Oh Soo, an orphan who gives up on life after losing his first love, gets obsessed with gambling and becomes a con-artist. His next target is Oh Young, played by Song, the sole heiress to a large corporation after tragically losing her parents and her eyesight. He tries to get near Oh Young by pretending to be her long-lost brother. Henceforth, these two individuals, isolated in their own ways from the world, begin to understand the meaning of life together. 

ONE HD’s premiere broadcast of That Winter, The Wind Blows from 13 March – 2 May 2013 was the No. 1 rated show in its timeslot among international channels in Malaysia and Singapore for pay-TV audiences 4+.

Powered by prime and current South Korean entertainment, ONE HD is the exclusive destination of programs produced by Seoul-based content supplier and broadcaster SBS through an output deal. ONE HD airs the latest Korean drama series, with selected titles premiering 3 – 5 weeks after their debut broadcasts in Korea. In addition, the hippest ongoing K-pop variety and music programs complement the channel’s drama line-up.

ONE HD is very popular in Malaysia where among pay-TV 4+ audiences, it is the No.1 rated high definition (HD) channel, with the longest average viewing duration among all HD channels on Astro, of 100 minutes per viewer each day.

Zo In Sung’s visit is the fifth promotional tour organized by ONE HD, following actor Jang Hyuk in January 2011 to promote Midas; LeeDong Wook and Kim Sun-A in December 2011 for Scent of A Woman; K-pop boy group BTOB in June 2012 to perform in Jakarta; and budding actor Lee Hyun Woo in promotion of To the Beautiful You in October 2012.

Zo In Sung stars in That Winter, The Wind Blows 


  1. I haven't watched this series but it sounds interesting. And the crowd at Paradigm... OMG so scary! :O

    1. start on 1st June. Yeah the crowd really scary... Korean movie star!


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