Review: MIVVA Happy Mother’s Day May 2013 Edition

MIVVA Box celebrates Mother’s Day this month. Yeah! my MIVVA box arrived just in time, received it a few days before Mother’s Day. I open and took some pictures and decide to give this month MIVVA May 2013 beauty box to my mummy dearest. Well, this box is part of the excitement and surprise for my mom. Check out what are the surprises that mommy is getting in MIVVA May 2013 Edition.

Porcelain Tea Cup
Rose Mini Porcelain Tea Cup

Rose Mini Porcelain Tea Cup
This is for Mum; she loves all the miniature porcelain display. This rose mini tea cup reminds her of our bonding time, we love to have tea and chit chat on Sunday afternoon. Plus this mini tea cup is good to store the fragrance vials too.

Garden Of Eden Jojo E Serum

Garden Of Eden Jojo E Serum, 5ml (RM39.90 for 15ml / RM63.90 for 32ml)
Jojo E contains 100% natural concentrates that strengthen the skin's firmness and elasticity against stretch marks and hydrate very dry and itchy skin. Awesome for those who has dry skin and pregnant ladies. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) from Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil and Grape Seed Oil provide esential nutrients for healthy skin cell renewal and repair.

Skinlab Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub

Skinlab Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub, 30ml (RM76 for 250ml)
Love the scent of this Body Scrub and this is one of the best selling Body Scrub, a rich blend of unique natural exfoliating agents and vital antioxidants leaving skin renewed, smooth and healthy. The winner of Harper's Bazaar Beauty Award 2011 Best Body Scrub.

AUPRES Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask

AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask, 5g (RM95 for 80g)
This is my preferred Sleeping Mask, really gives immediate hydration across all areas of concern, restoring dewy and supple complexion. It helps the skin to replenish tired and dry skin moisture. The next morning skin looks fresh and moist and radiant.

AUPRES Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum, 5ml (RM150 for 30ml)
My mom told me she loves this serum and she is getting a bottle. AUPRES Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum contains multiple whitening ingredients to inhibit persistent dark spots and improves skin dullness while preventing melanin production, leaving skin looking brighter and more radiant.

Handmade Soap, organic
CLAIRE Organic Aloe Vera Shea Butter Handmade Soap

CLAIRE Organic Aloe Vera Shea Butter Handmade Soap, Full Sized (RM16 - RM22 for 100g)
Wootz! I got Aloe Vera it’s great for antioxidant, skin repairing and moisturizing. It has a soothing scent and gentle cleansing without irritation. It is freshly made and required a curing period about 3-4 weeks before it is ready to use. This CLAIRE Organic Handmade Soap available in 6 variants; mulberry yougurt soap, aloe vera shea butter soap, guiness stout soap with organic raw honey, rose hips soap with osmanthus, evening primrose soap with golden jojoba and calendula soy milk baby soap.

Cleansing Powder
O'SLEE Rosehip Hydra White Cleansing Powder

O'SLEE Rosehip Hydra White Cleansing Powder, 30g (RM50 for 55g)
This powder cleanser is so convenient when travelling, we can bring it into aircraft (it’s light and not liquid). This micro-foam cleansing powder with coconut and cinnamon botanic extracts to deep cleanse, remove blackheads and cuticles without drying the skin. It helps minimizing skin irritation. Pour a little bit of the powder on palm, lather with water and massage on face and neck.

botox cream
SOMANG Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Cream

SOMANG Danahan RGII Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Cream, Sachet 3x1ml (RM350 for 35ml)
This one mom sure like because it a double functional cream for whitening and deep wrinkles on forehead, mouth and in between brows; botox-like cream. The cream features a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which acts as peptide to fill in deep wrinkles and strengthen the skin' barrier.

Skinlab RM20 Discount Voucher

MARY CHIA 4-in-1 Body Detoxification Therapy worth RM400 Voucher

AUPRES 10 Mins Facial Massage + 3 pcs Sample Voucher

Happy Mother's Day Card

Overall, this month MIVVA May 2013 Edition beauty box is suitable as mother’s day gift and also for personal use also. I was surprise to received the Rose Mini Porcelain Tea Cup, usually are skincare, cosmetics and beauty products but this one is something different. Mom & me like it. The rest of the products are mostly suitable for mature or dry skin.

MIVVA Beauty Box Subscription: a month at RM38 each; or RM114 for 3 months with 190 points; or RM228 for 6 months with 570 points.

More information available at MIVVA



  1. I also just received it! Love the scent coming out from the box!

  2. I received this too, except the useless cup, I really love this box!!! =]


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