Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Hi! Hi! Today the weather is so good to tuck in the bed and continue to sleep but I was up early around 6am (yawn) to finish this post before I go to work. Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara is all about giving your lashes a fiercely feminine treatment and the fullest cat eyes look. Lashes look so lush and fabulous, with volume so intense and wild. All this with just one stroke of the brush.

Well, this time I tried something different, I have my friend Vera Soo also a cosmetics enthusiast as my guest review. Let see what she says and thinks about the Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara. 

Hello! There's a new curl in town; The WILD CAT EYES WATERPROOF MASCARA. Coming from the popular Maybelline New York - Magnum Volum' Express Mascara range. his is an upgraded version of their previous best seller last year - the 3 musketeers: Super Film, Waterproof and Falsies.

Given my technical background, it's my style of perform a series of analysis to share out. So I've picked previous range, Super Film to compare with the latest Wild Cat. Both share the same super powers - mainly smudge proof, water proof, long lasting and extra added volume.

The colour of my choice is black. It's the most suitable colour & pick the darkest of black as it will make your eyes pop out. There are others in the market but the common ones in Asian market are dark brown & black. This is my first application, since it's day time. I preferred to use natural makeup to hid the dark saggy eyebags & make my eyes appear more alert & refreshed by using mascara.

Now, why the same brand & range? (ref. pic. below: a. and b.). Since it's lauded as the ALL NEW better & improved version, let's see if it's true. Besides it's not really fair to compare a luxury brand (different pricing & origins) with an over the counter budget friendly one. That's like comparing the fried chicken from McDonald's with Shinlin' Taiwan stall. Now, I'm a fan of McD's Chicken McDeluxe and totally adore Shinlin's Taiwanese Fried chicken Chop. Both are love at first bites. Unfortunately, this is not a food, review so let's move back to the Eye-topic ;) These tips & tools are gathered over my lil' adventures to makeup, workshop, self experiment (try test & try!), chatting with beauty consultants, senior promoters over the beauty counters.

New mascara is usually clumps up/really thick. Here are some Do's & Don't:

- throw away excessively by wiping it off.
- pump repeatedly to remove the extra mascara, as this will insert more air and dry it out
- if it's hard to remove from the cap or stuck, it might mean the product is damaged or exposed under the sun for too long. If it's brand new, bring back the mascara back to the shop with the receipt to check with the sales person. Chances is, it's faulty or expired.

Use Oral pick. It's the white small tool use to clean teeth. Use it to separate your eyelashes after applying the eye makeup or mascara so that excessive powder will not stuck and appear clumpy on your eyelashes.

Alternately, eyebrow comb can be used. The extra mascara stuck on it can be used for the lower eyelashes or your eyebrow.

To get the "extra curl", use eyelash curler. It will definitely make your lash last longer and more curl. Clip on your eyelash 3X, each for 3-5 seconds.

It makes putting on mascara and bending easier as well.
(It's like perming your hair, the longer you put on the hair on the iron curl for longer lasting.)

Tips on how to avoid using finger on your eye makeup or getting your mascara on your face.

f. Name card/plastic cover/tissue:
Use it to cover the top/bottom part of your eye rim/lid area. Apply powder before applying mascara so that the powder will capture excessive mascara and dust it off with powder again to clean off.

e. Use the end of any plastic brush or cotton bud to hold your eyelid/rim area. This method is great if you do not have steady hands. The same cotton bud can be used to clean off mascara by applying foundation on the tip and dab off the unwanted mascara slowly followed by powder.

Tips: Usually I will use method f. for practical & hygiene reason.

Now let's skip to the verdict below. I shall let the picture speaks for itself. The makeup style is day time minimal student/natural style. All the pictures are taken with bright sunlight, close up shots to show the thin soft lashes. 2 types of mascara are used. Can you differentiate which is using which one? The after 4 hours duration photos were taken in a shopping mall in the evening without any extra touch up in makeup or mascara.

My Verdict of the Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara

Price: Affordable over the counter. I'll usually buy it during discounts at the pharmacy. For discount purposes and to collect points.

Longer and Harder: Visually provides the longer and darker eyelash volume appeal.

What-ever-proof: Yes! It's waterproof, smudge proof (dries up within 5 seconds), I even winked & it didn't leave any stain. During lunch, I ate something spicy and my tear drop didn't make the mascara smudge at all.

Level of difficulty:
- The new mascara is thick! So have to apply tips to apply it properly. So it takes extra time to put on.
- The new mascara's tip is extra curvy thus it's easier to apply compared to those straight brush type mascara.

Cleaning Off:
- Longer time and more eyemakeup remover as it's harder to wipe off compared to the older mascara range.
- It can be hard like plastic texture, thus do not pull or rub too hard as this will pull off your eyelash and damage the skin around the eyes.

Eyelash & Eye Cleanser Tips: 
D-I-Y Natural remedies, e.g.: Olive oil, Almond Milk, Baby Oil, Aloe Vera.
1. Put a about a small spoon on the cotton pad
2. close your eyes & rub it gentle down stroke & up stroke, from inner to out.
3. Then wash away so the residue won't clog your pores.
Clogged pores will result in milia seed and dark eye circles (aka Panda Eyes)

Over the counter cleanser: Milk cleanser or Oil Based Makeup Eye Remover as it's "Waterproof" mascara. *Personally, I prefer using milk cleanser cream (2 cleansing time) because I have combination skin & use an average of 12hours of computer/mobile devices daily, thus very dry skin around the eyes.

Overall: Great budget price and results. It gives the eye more "pop up/boost" effect especially for small Asian eyes. A single application coat is suitable for day time and double coat for night time provides a sexy yet natural looking volumn and extension and long lasting! It may take time to apply and clean off.
Do you like this review? Feel free to give your feedbacks. Yeah! Based on your feedback, I will write more on How to Wear Double Application (suitable for Night/Party/Photoshoot sessions) AND Mascara Care Tips, Handling NEW Clumpy Mascara & What To Do with the Stucky OLD one. 

Wow!!! I think Vera has gives us a good insight and her verdicts about the Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes Mascara plus the tips, do's and don'ts. Thanks Vera :) 

Why not try out these cat eyes looks?
THE LEOPARD Perfect for daytime wear. Using Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner in Black, draw a thin line over your lash line. Then, repeat on your bottom lash line and extend to meet the top line. Apply a brown eyeshadow for a natural appeal. Use Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes mascara and apply on lashes, concentrating on your corner lashes for a super-spiky effect.

THE BLACK PANTHER Use Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner to draw a thick and intense black line all around your eyes. Start from your inside corner to the outer corner, and repeat on your lower lash line. Keep doing this until you get the desired thickness and extend to the outer corners. Add a violet eyeshadow on lids for this night-time look. Finish off with two coats of Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes mascara. This seductive and glamorous look is ideal for a night out clubbing.

THE WHITE TIGER Use Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner and draw a thick line across your upper lash line. Flick out at the end corners to create a cat eyes illusion. On your lower lash line, draw a thick line from the inner to the outer corner. Then, apply a dark blue eyeshadow on lids and use a white eyeshadow as a highlighter to intensify the look. Use Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes mascara and coat lashes for a flirty finish.

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes mascara recommended retail price of RM35.90 while Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner in Black or Brown is available now for a recommended retail price of RM39.90.

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