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Ever wonder what is my Daily Design Sauce? I’m not designer nor artist but I am getting quirky over this Kwerkee. Everything in Kwerkee shouts hey I am Arty Farty and Fun. Kwerkee is an online shop, it’s the best daily design website with 100 plus items to shop daily. At first glance you may think what on earth are they selling… yeah! same here.

What are all those stuff? I never see them before and some I can’t find elsewhere. Omg is so unique, rare and interesting products hard to find on Earth. In Kwerkee I find all the interesting knick-knacks, cute, hard to find design pieces and everything is a piece of art. Kwerkee promises to deliver out of this world home and lifestyle products all year round; they pick out the queer, the perculiar and the bizzarre for the design conscious consumer. It’s a creative online shop and becoming most imaginative design source. Wow insipire me to think out the box! 

Pssst!!! you can download kwerkee app to shop more conveniently, available in appstore (Kwerkee - by Reebonz).

OMG! I am eyeing at this FUUVI Megane Camera in Blue. This is not any ordinary glasses or accessory, jeng jeng jeng this is a spy camera. This 2.0MP photo and movie fashion glasses is a digital camera that does not need a display because what you see through the glasses is what you will capture. At the same time, it’s a trendy accessory. Depending on the capacity of your memory card and the battery life, you can continuously record for up to 1 hour. One word, STEALTH. Perfect device for the paparazzi hehehe. These glasses can be slung over my neck, belt, handbag and backpack.

Kwerkee Badges
Kwerkee Badges

More cool stuff... are you keen to collect these Kwerkee Badges? The more active you are on kwerkee, the more chances you will have to earn Badges. I am The Freshie, I just signed up earned this badge and 15 credits yay!!! Some badges will come with 'gifts' in the form of credits, which can be used for my next purchase. I can earn credits for my next purchase (rewards/savings) just by completing tasks.

Hey! I have found something unique and now even better, more good news! You and I can make any purchase till 19 May 2013, and you will get back 50% rebate on our entire purchase value in Kwerkee credits and more you can get RM20 credits just sign up HEREPlus 0% installment payment plan and fast delivery (as fast as 3 days) makes my shopping stress free. 

50% credit rebate on your total purchase value 

more WOW!!!
if you can sign up HERE you receive RM20 credits 
& stand a chance to win up to RM330 shopping credits

hurry yo! promotion valid till 19th May 2013 

Good luck!


  1. wow spy camera i will check out

    1. Hi allonlinehotnews, yeah! you can sign up and get receive RM20 credits too.

  2. Aaah I saw this website earlier but didn't really check out.
    These kind of sites are a big hit overseas!
    Now, we Malaysian don't have to fork our foreign dollars to buy those stuffs! :D

    1. Hi Vera, these are the products that we rarely find here. most of them are unique :)


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