ECOCERT and BIO Certification

ECOCERT is an organic certification organization founded in France in 1991. Its Ecological and Organic Charter is considered  as the standards of the organic industry. Its certification standards are extremely stringent, completely prohibiting disputable ingredients and most synthetic preservatives in products. Detailed analysis is also carried out.

This is to ensure the ingredients, place of origins, production methods, refining methods, quality preservation and other aspects fulfil relevant eco-friendly organic standards before being approved for certification. BIO is the certification dedicated to beauty care products, to certify there is at least 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin, and at least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients are organic, while at least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

*Generally, beauty care products contain 50% – 80% water. Water cannot be listed as certified-organic ingredients.  

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