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Retro Sunsplash 5 - DJs, Committee and Sri Sai Home

Remember the good old days, where music made sense, where a good guitar rift would send spasms of heartfelt musical empathy throughout your blood-stream? Remember those vivid melodies that charged your feet with a mysterious energy to move on their own accord and the mental motivation to dance like no one is watching? Imagine music that was laden with relatable lyrics and vocals so powerful, they leave you with goose bumps.

Retro Sunsplash brings enthusiasts together, bound by a charitable spirit and the drive of veteran deejays Francis Koh and Jay Subramaniam to have fun, ignore the sun and blast the songs of an era that just refuses to die.This charity infused party is in its fifth instalment thanks to an overzealous demand, and is held for the second time consecutively in Kuala Lumpur.

Retro Sunsplash 5

Date & Time: 5pm – 3am, Sunday, 2 June 2013

Venue: The Retro Club, Asian Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy

Tagline: Charity. Fab Music. Good Times. Great Friends

Retro Sunsplash 5 is going to be bigger and more spectacular than its previous incarnations! Themed “Dance Music from the Last Century”, it is a tribute to the wonderfully diverse dance music and will feature music up to the year 1999. The main event will be held on Sunday, 2 June 2013 @ The Retro Club, Asian Heritage Row KL. 

DJs who will be rocking the decks at Retro Sunsplash 5

This event will feature some of the best DJs who rocked the dance scene in Malaysia, Gabriel Chong [11.L.A.], Lively Larry [11.L.A.], Syko G [La Luna], Lil Kev [Miami], and Jason Koo [DV8]. These fabulous five will be supported by the likes of four other wizard deck masters Jason M [Café Iguana], Adrian G [Café Iguana], Raymond Chia [Phase 2], Warren V [Carnegies] and Simon de Cruz [Radio City].

Amongst the other activities will include a Pool Charity Competition, Raffles Draw, and more. The eventtargets to attract more than 600 people and RM18,000 in cash contributions. The funds raised will be handed over to to Persatuan Kebajikan Jagaan Sri Sai Selangor. 

The event is proudly supported and sponsored by the movers and shakers of the various entertainment related industries, including companies such as Eventgear Sdn Bhd, Retro Ave Sdn Bhd, Sound Design, Cool Illusions Sdn Bhd, Brainchild & Sputnik Communications Sdn Bhd, Creature Communications Sdn Bhd, Promax Photography, Origine Sdn Bhd, Reffinej, The Face Shop, and more.

Retro Sunsplash Team - Committee members and DJs

For queries on donations or about Retro Sunsplash 5, you can contact : Anthony Johnson (+6019 300 6969) / Chris Doss (+6013 376 1518) / Jay Subramaniam (+6012 506 7582).

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