Flower by Kenzo Fragrance

Flower by Kenzo
Flower by Kenzo

What is the scent of happiness? the poppy. Who invented the poppy scent? Kenzo. Nature has espoused the city, you can tell by the scent. All you have to do is gently spray on Flower by Kenzo to understand this accord. Never mind whether it is a major or a minor chord, it is total harmony.

Kenzo invented the scent of the poppy, which is basically odourless, and wanted it powdery and flowery, like the woman it loves, the city woman still exuding naturalness.
Its fragrance is all spiral scrolls to want to curl up in, but it is untamed as well, it is a well-bred savage. Like a country flower learning to become a city flower, a woman who wears Flower by Kenzo learns to become a woman-flower.

A woman-flower is a woman whose eyelashes have petal power, the power to make hearts flutter. And to set her heart aflutter, Kenzo has created Flower by Kenzo eau de toilette, on different harmonies from eau de parfum. Now, a woman can try her familiar chosen fragrance in two different tones, with the more powdery eau de parfum and the lighter toned eau de toilette. Now she can subtly change fragrances, as the fancy takes her, enjoy her perfume differently, without becoming confused.

Flower by Kenzo eau de parfum
Floral harmony
Parma violets brimming with energy and dynamism awaken the tenderness of the wild hawthorn; cassia and Bulgarian rose blossom in this first sensual, vibrant, colourful bouquet.

Powdery harmony
Warm tones in a blend of candid, voluptuous Bourbon vanilla, white musk, its warmth fixing the perfume on the skin and the opopanax adding a woody touch to the fragrance, offer a range of captivating, unctuous sensations.

Stimulating harmony
The hedion molecule, based on jasmine, and cyclosal, which powerfully brings out the floral tones, amplify the immediate freshness of the bold and yet discreet final note.

Flower by Kenzo retail price:
Flower by Kenzo 30ml – RM 203
Flower by Kenzo 50ml – RM 284
Flower by Kenzo 100ml – RM 389

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