Chandon & High Heels

Hello Saturday! Yeah! It’s party time again… cheers to Chandon & High Heels Party. We had a small private party just for us, for the girls only but there were 3 lucky gentlemen on board with us, Glen Thompson, Robert and the photographer. 

Cheers to Chandon

Me and Jess Ngo

Themed high heels and flower we dressed up to the nines and of course in our killer heels. Glad to see many familiar faces together with tall and beautiful partner, Jess Ngo. 

That night I had a great time going through Chandon wine tasting and food paring lead by Glenn Thompson, Chandon winemaker. Glenn’s winemaking career began in earnest at Bass Phillip Wines, Leongatha in 2000 and joined Domaine Chandon as Operations Winemaker in August 2005. In January 2007, Glenn was promoted to the position of winemaker and in 2008 Glenn was given responsibility for all sparkling wine production at Domaine Chandon - a position which puts him at the forefront of the sparkling winemaking process.

The Chandon Party setup was quite casual and relaxing on a Friday night at Twenty One Tables + Terrance, Bangsar Shopping Centre. We laughed a lot during the truth and dare games… omg some of the questions hmm… really make me dizzy. When it was my turn I chose the dare ler errr... lucky Jess cover for me, she bottoms up the full glass of Shiraz in splits second, bravo! 

The rules: You choose DARE, You Bottoms Up... ouch

Chandon Brut, Chandon Rose, Domaine Chandon Chardonay 2010, Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2011 and Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2010

Chandon Brut

The party kicked of with Chandon Brut pair with fresh blueberry. A chardonay sparkling wine in straw yellow color with fresh citrus, subtle pear, white nectarine combines with roasted nuts and hint of spices characters plus a crisp brut finish. 

Fresh blueberry

Perfect bubbly drink to start a conversation and popped in a few blueberry to smoothen the palate.

Chandon Rose 

After the ice breaking games, we moved on to bubbly Chandon Rose that symbolize feminity, fresh, vibrant and elegant. The colours reminds me of pink peach skin  with vibrant rose gold to light bronze hues. 

Salmon Seaweed

This is slightly richer than the brut but still have the fresh citrus, fruity notes complemented by baked pie crust aroma and crisp finish. Chandon Rose pair with Salmon Seaweed make arouse the palate and taste bud.  

Domaine Chandon Chardonay 2010

Well, as our night and conversations getting heavier so as our wine and food. The Domaine Chandon Chardonay 2010 certainly highlights the creaminess and texture of this Crayfish Risotto. 

Crayfish Risotto

Great style combined with sophistication the palate is complex. The aroma of white nectarine, ripe citrus, exotic roasted spices and lees stirring in French oak.

Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2011

By this time our truth and dare games get hotter and more excited hehehe… There comes the Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2011 pair with Mushroom Duck Confit, the combination of both… gorgeous. 

Mushroom Duck Confit

I like Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir 2011 that has more character and towards cinnamon and nutmeg spice flavours balanced the strong taste of the mushroom duck confit.

Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2010

My favourite dish was finally served with Domaine Chandon Shiraz 2010. Guess this will be the last wine as I was getting a little but tipsy. Hmm… maybe laugh, eat and drink too much, perhaps reached my quota. 

Spice Lamb with Crumbs

The Shiraz 2010 is more intense and woody combine with the strong aroma of cardamom compliments the Spice Lamb with Crumbs.

Vintage Group Picture

Wow! Overall the whole night wine and food paring was elegantly crafted. I have a great Friday night at Chandon & High Heels Party. You all are awesome bunch of friends to hang out with. Thanks to Chandon for the invitation and also Jess for being my lovely partner of the night. Muacks! Till then hope to see you again soon. 

My outfit of the day, Shimmering Bronze Snake Skin Texture Sleeveless Dress 
from Le Ann Maxima and Romantic Flower Peep Toes Heels from ChristyNg. 

Enjoy your Saturday Night and have a Blissful Sunday
tata Muacks! from Sunshine 

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