Interview Lee Sinje During SK-II Malaysia 15 Years of Crystal Clear Skin Celebration

Lee Sinje, SK-II Global Brand Ambassador
Interview session with Lee Sinje, SK-II Global Brand Ambassador

I managed to catch a quick interview with Lee Sinje at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Hotel before she makes her appearance at the Suria KLCC Concourse for the SK-II Malaysia 15th Years O Crystal Clear Skin in Malaysia celebration. This is the second time I met her in person, well she is friendly and accommodative to most of our questions.

Lee Sinje
 with Lee Sinje

Lee Sinje favourite SK-II products, besides the Facial Treatment Essence is the SK-II Cellumination Essence EX. To refresh her skin after a tired and hectic day, she would to use different types of SK-II mask depending on her skin need at the point of time. When, asked her about her perception of ageing, well she smiles and continue to explain that as she grows, she learned new things in life and improved. She is now more assured, confident of what she wants and also the direction of life and career compared to her younger age. Sinje leads a healthy lifestyle, she practice yoga and exercise plus eat balanced diet mostly fruits and vegetables.  

After the interview, we proceed to Suria KLCC concourse SK-II Malaysia held a special 15th Anniversary showcase exhibition entitled ‘My Skin Is My Proof’.  

This special exhibition celebrating 15 years of crystal clear skin in Malaysia chronicled SK-II’s rich heritage and scientific breakthroughs in skin care, in addition to showcasing the skin transformations of its brand ambassadors, Lee Sinje and Fauziah Latiff over the years and the testimonials of loyal SK-II users who have experienced the miracle of Pitera™,  SK-II’s signature ingredient that is proven to shift all 5 dimensions of skin texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience to crystal clear.

Ellie Xie, Country CEO of Procter & Gamble Malaysia & Singapore
Ellie Xie, Country CEO of Procter & Gamble Malaysia & Singapore

Ellie Xie, Country CEO of Procter & Gamble Malaysia & Singapore commented: “SK-II Malaysia has developed by leaps and bounds since its first counter opened in Malaysia 15 years ago.  And today it is not only sold over 52 counters throughout Malaysia but has also expanded its product range to include a best-selling line-up for men called SK-II MEN. Indeed, I am proud to say that Malaysian men too can now have crystal clear skin which is the new measure of a man”.

Lee Sinje, SK-II Global Brand Ambassador
Lee Sinje, SK-II Global Brand Ambassador

SK-II global brand ambassador, Malaysian-born Lee Sinje, said: “I am extremely honored to be back in Malaysia to take part in SK-II Malaysia’s 15th Anniversary celebrations and to share SK-II’s amazing range of products that helps our skin become crystal clear. I have been using SK-II for the last six years and I am very, very happy with it.  As you can see from my photos, my skin is my proof of how effective SK-II is.  It makes my skin translucent and my face looks rosy with smooth and crystal clear skin. I feel confident even when I do not wear any make-up during a movie shoot. This is truly amazing! No wonder it’s called the Miracle Water. It was love at first sight all those years ago and SK-II still works beautifully for my skin after all these years. In fact the longer I use SK-II, the better I feel my skin has become.  So my advice to women out there is to start taking care of your skin when you are young.  There is a misconception that SK-II is for older women but the fact is, the younger you start, the greater your skin results,”

Ellie Xie giving away a limited edition Swarovski Elements Jewelry set to Lee Sinje and Fauziah Latiff.

My Skin Is My Proof at Suria KLCC concourse

The SK-II Malaysia 15th Anniversary exhibition showcased the rich history of SK-II and the science behind it whilst displaying the ‘My Skin is My Proof’ photo gallery which is a pictorial record of the skin life journey of Lee Sinje, Fauziah Latiff and testimonials from the brand’s celebrity brand ambassadors and loyal SK-II users in Malaysia who have experienced the miracle of SK-II.

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  1. Well, I'm not too sure if there's miracle or proff whatsoever but I've been using for years and I couldn't find anything else to replace it. I don't feel extremely awesome bout my skin, but I know it'll be horrible without it.

    1. Hi Sycookies, you have good skin. how may years you have been using SK-II?


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