Being Human

Hi this is an introduction to the vampy series of Being Human UK Season 5. This witty, sexy and thrilling series combines elements of flatshare comedy drama with horror. Breaking the mould for horror and fantasy drama, Being Human is un-missable cult television with a wide appeal across both a core young audience and older fans.

Series five of Being Human is the biggest and boldest yet. Flatmates Hal, Tom and Alex have some serious issues on their hands. Hal is a 500 year-old vampire, Tom is a hardened werewolf and Alex has recently had the misfortune of becoming a ghost.

As they continue their search for their lost humanity, once again a threat lurks around every corner. There is the volatile and deluded Crumb – a newly recruited vampire, and the sinister Mr Rook – head of a secret government department tasked with keeping supernatural activity under wraps. With bills to be paid, the heroes take jobs in Barry’s kitschest hotel. But alongside the flock wallpaper and the cocktail umbrellas dwells an evil greater than anything Hal, Tom and Alex have faced before. On the face of it, Captain Hatch is just another foul-mouthed decrepit old man but he hides a dark secret that threatens not only our heroes’ friendships but the entire world.

First & Exclusive on beTV (Astro B.yond ch720)
Premiering 17 May 2013, airing every Friday @ 11.50pm

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