Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator Review

Talika, Photo Beauty Therapy, Cellular Activator
Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator

My previous post is about the introduction of Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator, of all the 5 skincare products the one that I really like and think it’s a breakthrough is the Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator. Besides, the basic skincare regime and serum, is recommended to activator is to prep our skin so that the serum and moisturizer can performed it best. The activator also helps to improve out skin texture.

Review: Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator

This Light Essence acts like a correction curve an equalizer which takes just a few seconds to reset all cell counters to zero. Meanwhile, it boost the youthfulness process in your epidermis. This sound so technical, basically this activator is to wake up our skin, get ready the skin to absorb nutrients and boost the cell renewal. Therefore the next products that we apply will fully absorb into our skin and give better results or efficacy.

1. Anti ageing
2. Brighten up the complexion
3. Diminish the dark spots
4. Regenerate and protect skin's DNA
5. Hydrates skin (with hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids, rose water and vegetal glycerin)

The texture of this activator is fluid and transparent. It has a very mild rose scent. After my cleansing and toning I apply this Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator on my face and neck twice a day (day and night). Please don’t forget to take care of our neck also. I use like three pumps, when apply on my skin the activator is very smooth and fast absorb into the skin. Skin feels smooth and moist. Not oily, greasy and does not cause any irritation to my skin.

After using this activator almost for a month together with other skincare regime, overall my skin moisture level has improved and the firmness has improved.


Texture: Very fluid slightly thicket than water

Scent: Very mild rose

Content: 140ml

Price: RM 349

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