Week 3: Yen’s 30 days Beautiful Metamorphosis with Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest

After three weeks of drinking Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest consistently every night, now my skin moisture level has improve and became more supple also. Plus, my fingers not that dry anymore. When I touch my face I can feel that it is smoother.

Usually during menses I tend to have 1 or 2 breakouts but this month no pimples pop out during that time of the month. Good! I also feel more energetic and less moody.  

My elbow and knee cap area not as rough and dry like before. I began to see the glow and mild natural blush on my cheek, that show that my blood circulation has improved. I am not sure it is the bird nest or my regular run and exercise recently. I think it should be both. Bird’s Nest and regular exercise boost skin radiant.    


  1. Congras! Gonna check it out too. I love bird's nest. But first I must finish my Yen's SleepEz that a client bought for me. It seems to help with my sleeping misfits:D

    1. Hi missyblurkit,

      Thanks. Love the taste and the the gradual improvements.

      Miss Sunshine Kelly


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