Infinity Kose Prestigious Skincare Series Launch with Amy Mastura

Kose Malaysia Launched Infinity Kose new Prestigious skincare series recently at Suria KLCC; with Amy Mastura, Malaysia Artist and Celebrity and Mr.Hara, Kose Malaysia Managing Director officiated the launch. 

Maximize your skin's potential for beauty with Infinity Kose Prestigious. 

 Amy Mastura, Malaysia Artist and Celebrity and Mr.Hara, Kose Malaysia 
Managing Director officiated the launch

Cell by cell restoring skin damage brought about by aging.
Gentle, long-lasting resilience, illuminating and revitalizing beauty.
A radiance that lights up a mature woman’s face eternally.

Ms. Michelle Tay, Beauty Trainer, Kose Malaysia 
presenting Infinity Kose Prestigious Skincare Series and product briefing 

Infinity Kose Prestigious skincare series is for women aged 45 or above who are beginning to worry about sagging facial features, wrinkles, and lack of firmness in their skin. Women regardless of their age who want to care for visible aging symptoms immediately.

 Infinity Kose new Prestigious skincare series 

Infinity Kose: Lotion Prestigious   160ml   RM 370
Ample firmness, smoothness, and translucency.
An aging care lotion that feels like serum.

● A translucent firming lotion that contains water-retaining beauty ingredients that are finely dissolved and melted into the lotion via liquid crystal emulsion technology (an emulsion technique that doesn’t cloud the liquid). The moist, smooth lotion readily blends into the skin, hydrating, protecting and firming the skin especially effectively for a translucent lotion.
● Invisible emulsion droplets permeate smoothly deep into the horny cell layer, creating a veil of moisture. Maintains rich hydration for a long time without losing any of the moisture applied. Creates vibrant translucent skin that never experiences flakiness or skin troubles.
● Creates firmness that feels as if the skin is bouncing back firmly from the inside.
● A deep, relaxing fragrance that makes you feel at ease.
● Apply after washing your face, on clean skin.
● Pump the lotion out three or four times onto a piece of cotton, and pat gently across your face.

How to use:
● Apply after washing your face, on clean skin.
● Pump the lotion out 3 or 4 times onto a piece of cotton, and pat gently across your face.

Infinity Kose: Serum Prestigious   120ml   RM 370
An emulsion that feels like a serum, which promotes vitality deep within the 
horny cell layer to give a rich, soft elasticity.

● Abundantly compounded with beauty ingredients that deliver moisture and immediately add firmness. An aging care emulsion with a highly permeable base that creates soft, dimensional skin.
● Cares for sagging and fine wrinkles. Adds moisture and makes the skin texture appear smooth and dimensional, shining brightly as if radiating from the inside. Not only improves skin but facial expressions as well.
● A protective layer forms immediately upon application and stays for a long period of time, maintaining moist skin all day long.
● Thoroughly protects skin from uneven skin texture and dryness caused by aging, damage from UV rays, and the change of seasons, perpetually maintaining smooth skin.
● A deep, relaxing fragrance that makes you feel at ease.

How to use:
● Apply after preparing the skin with lotion.
● Pump the serum out 2 or 3 times onto your palm or a piece of cotton, and blend into your skin. 

Infinity Kose: Cream Prestigious   50g   RM 1,050
Supreme luster in your skin.
A high quality cream that gives added dimension to your facial features.

● Infinity Kose’s pride, a high quality cream that actively approaches complex skin problems caused by aging, UV rays, accumulated stress on the skin etc. and creates a fully dimensional face that emanates firmness and radiance from the inside.
● Besides plant-derived beauty ingredients, the cream contains an ample amount of the highly-permeable biomembrane component “phospholipid” in capsule form. Also, highly water-retentive hyaluronic acid and other firming beauty ingredients are compounded in a balanced formula.
● Blending into the skin with a rich texture, the cream creates an enriching film that merges with the skin the moment it is spread. It evens out the skin’s texture and prevents dryness and skin troubles, creating soft, elastic, feminine skin.
● Firmness and radiance are achieved immediately after application and last all night long, creating alluringly supple, bright, lustrous skin.
● A deep, relaxing fragrance that makes you feel at ease.

How to use:
● Use as the last step of your face care routine.
● Take a pearl-sized portion of the cream with spatula attached or with your fingertips. Dot the cream on your chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and blend thoroughly with your fingers.

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