Discovering Korea at Fahrenheit88

Concourse Bazaar

Discovering Korea Festival at Fahrenheit from 13th to 30th Sept, 2012 with K-Pop Dance, Korean Culture Dance, Cooking Demonstration, free Hanbok Portrait or learn how to make Topokki and Gimbab from authentic Korean teacher by the Korean Tourism Organization. Spend and stand a chance to win a 6D/4N Dynamic Korea Ski Fun by Apple Vacations or Wonder Girls Wonder World Tour concert tickets. 

Korean snacks, tidbits, noodles, ice creams, confectionery, travel packages, 
handicrafts and many more at Fahrenheit88 

Groceries from Mercato

K-Pop dance performance

Travel packages to Korea by Apple Vacations

Bu Chae Chum, the Korean Traditional Fan Dance

Samul Nori, the Korean Traditional Instrumental Performance

so many types of Korean Instant Noodles

Nong Shim Neoguri instant noodles 
Seafood & Spicy yumms

more choices of instant noodles

Korean Rice Cake

 Lotte Milkis which flavour you like

 Banana Milk

Tidbits Pepero, Funzels and many more...

Varieties of snacks 

 Melona ice cream waffles

 more ice cream

Korean cosmetic from Stardust Studio
Clio Kill Black and Clio Twisturn

Peripera so cute 

Korean beauty products from Nature Republic

 Nature Republic Assorted Masks
rice mask is good :)

 Korean Cooking Demonstration

 Learn how to make Kim Chi 

 Jap Chae

 Freshly made Kim Chi ready for fermentation over 2 - 3 hours

Pictures from Fahrenheit88

Fahrenheit88 Kuala Lumpur
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun    10am – 10pm
Phone: 006-03-2148 5488


  1. I am so envious that you got so many korean brands available in KL~ Unlike us here in PH, only few Korean brands can be seen locally T_______T

    1. Hi Janet, when you come to KL you can visits all the stores here.

      Miss Sunshine


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