Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen

Wootz! Eyeliner is my favourite product. I must have eyeliner to perk up my 
sleepy eyes. This Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen is first of its kind of an 
innovative product from Germany.

This is a waterproof eyeliner that last a day. Forget smudged eyes, shaky fingers, smeared colors and the lot. Say hello to a product that will define the trend towards flawless face art, one aimed at drawing charming attention to one’s eyes. 

The specialty about Curvee eyeliner pen is the chic, sleek compatibility, practical yet ergonomic designs and complete ease of use. Curvee unique design shape that ensures a solid grip for precise eye liner applications regardless of whether one is left or right handed. Applying liquid liner is a breeze even for beginners as it is a tool that provides ultimate control and optimal results.

Gail Ong, Elianto Marketing & Communication Manager brief us about 
the uniqueness of Curvee

Curvee offers excellent color payoffs with its waterproof, transfer proof and smudge proof properties eradicating all the unease that typically come packaged with a liquid liner. It is free from parabens and volatiles, and free from formaldehyde releasing compounds. Schwan-Stabilo Cosmestic working closely with Elianto to expand its eyeliner mixology range.

with Plus Size Kitten (Tammy) 

me very stressful because the guru is checking (like so serious) whether I Curvee the right way... awww!!! my hand is shaking but thanks to Curvee it ensure solid and firm grip for precise eye liner application

Initially this Curvee eyeliner pen look quite unsual shape to me. After tried of for few times, I began to get use to the ergonomic shape of this eyeline. I personally find it this is easier to grip, control and glide compared to the pen shape eyeliner. Plus the black colors is very intense, waterproof and lasting. The tip of the eyeliner is quite solid to ease and ensure that I draw a clean line.  

Curvee Eyeliner Pen is now retailing at RM 33 and refill at RM 27

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  1. They're so creative to come out with this! :D

    1. Hi Charmaine, yup. like design that gives firm grip


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