Review Week 1: Yen’s 30 days Beautiful Metamorphosis with Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest

Collected my first batch of Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest, I received total of 7 bottles for a week. So  I drank a bottle every night before I go to bed. Having a chance to drink bird’s nest every night before going to bed is sort of luxury treats for me after a long day. And bird’s nest is said to be a kind of nutritious food especially for the skin. For that I have to drink more bottles to see the difference and improvements. 

My first impression on the taste, I quite like the crisp textures of the bird’s nest. As we can see they are actually real bird’s nests not others substance. On the whole is not too sweet, I will rate is as mild sweetness. There is no fishy smell or some uneasy smell of  Yen Premium Hua Yan bird’s nest. The solution is quite thick somehow I feel a little stickiness on the tongue after I drank it, so I took a sip of water then is ok.


This is my first week so I am yet to discover the changes and improvements on my skin conditions. However after taking Yen Premium Hua Yan Bird’s Nest for a week I feel a little bit more energetic. Every morning I wake up I feel fresh, not so lethargic or tired. Thanks to Yen and I will continue my Yen’ 30 days Beautiful Metamorphosis journey.

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