London Town comes to Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Lunch in London Town? UK? No, no… The London Town comes to Publika, Solaris for the convenient of all. London Town brings a little piece of Britain to Kuala Lumpur. This is an ideal place to have long lunch, the place is very relaxing, spacious and chill out with music, drinks and food.

Mr. Nima Naserbakht, London Town the restaurant owner

We managed to catch a short interview with Mr. Nima Naserbakht the restaurant owner. This restaurant new opened like about two months ago. He and his wife moved from London to Malaysia to venture into F&B business. Some of the dishes on the menu is very special and follow UK’s recipes.

London Town Fish & Chips RM 24.90
Large breaded dory fillet with tartar sauce mushy peas and large chips. This is London Town’s signature dish. I like the big portion of fish. The Deep Fried Fish is very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I like the special mushy peas. I don’t mind eating it just like that. 

London Town Special Fried Steak Role RM 29.90
Beef Top Loin Stuffed with Beef Bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Side of Mash Potato. My friend tried this, the beef is a bit dry however the sauce is nice and creamy so it compliments steal role. I only ate the asparagus. 

Chicken Chop RM 17.90
Mash Potato, Broccoli and Mushroom Gravy. This is classic chicken chop, we had chicken breast. Is is quite big portion. It is healthier to take chicken breast meat than other parts.

Aglio Olio Penne RM 17.90
This is simple and light pasta. I would prefer more cheese because I am a cheese person.

London Town Special Burger RM 26.90
Double Beef Patty, Onion Ring, Sliced Cheese, Beef Bacon, Mushrooms. Here comes the big burger. Wah! the beef patty so thick some more it has double. This one really killer burger, took a few of us to finish it.

All Day English Breakfast RM 16.90
2 sunny Side Up/Scramble Eggs, 2 Beef Sausage, 1 Beef Bacon, Mushrooms, Beans, 2 Toasts, Coffee or Tea. Big portion breanfast. We all shared this breakfast. I like the mushrooms. 

 Royal Milkshake RM 15.90
Awesome but Sinful drink. What to do… once a while mush indulge. This milk shakes   Ferraro Rocher, Oreo and Snickers. 

Strawberry Milkshake RM 9.90
This is lovely and nice. Slightly sweet for me. I prefer the Royal milkshake.

Cappucino RM 8.50
After lunch I think I need a cup of coffee to keep me awake.

Café Latte RM 8.50

This restaurant does not serve alcohol drinks. However, customers are allowed to bring in their own liqueur or wine the restaurant will have a minimum corkage charge. 

London Town Menu 

London Town
D3-G3-1 Solaris Dutamas, Publika,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 03-6411 6465

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sun    11:30 - 22:30


  1. With the menu heavily beef, is this place halal? :)

    1. Hi Psylancer,

      Its a pork free restaurant, just open two months ago. However, I am not sure of they have get the Halal certication from Jakim or not. Need to check it out. Thanks.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. yea, wondering whther its halal or not my self, i wish it is. Group-on got a sweet deal on the restaurant and the menu looks good..

    1. Hi Azma,

      The restaurant is Pork-Free

      Miss Sunshine

  3. The owner has changed and the food has fallen short... my mix grill was all burnt to crisp and inedible. Had to wait like 1.5 hours for meal to be served... and at one time, was told kitchen was closed at 8pm!!! U gotta take this down or go visit it again for an updated review...

  4. ANyway, u know this post is used as a review for a Living Social voucher deal...

  5. Went to this place because of groupon voucher, don't expect the portion to be same like the photo 2 years ago, perhaps you should expect it as half . Worse still the chicken chop is not fresh and stinks.

    Lodged a complain and replacement is not that good either.



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