Glassy Bar & Grill, Nothern Indian Mughal Cuisine at Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, KL

Glassy Bar & Grill tuck in the busy area of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur. This is an artsy restaurant, bar and bistro that serves north Indian Mughal Cuisine. I like the courtyard area which is good for BBQ party. The entire building, where restaurant and bar stands was crafted out of mortar. It was build out of stone, within each wall has stories of the past worlds. 

We took quite a lot of pictures inside and outside the building, some of the interior design, décor and furnishing are very unique. 

The restaurant & dining area 

The front open air bistro

The bistro area... look at the floor tiles 

The bar area 

The courtyard

The food served in this restaurant is pork free. 
I like indian cuisine because of its aromatic spices… 

Our starter

Mix Vege Pakora   small RM9.50   large RM18.00
Fritters of assorted fresh vegetable such as carrot, eggplant, onion, potato, and etc deep fried. Served with tamarind sauce. When the Vege Pakora is still hot and crispy is very fragrance, I can smell the tumeric. The tamarind sauce is good. If eat just like that is not that nice better to dipped with the tamarind sauce add to the flavour.

Eggplant Crisps   small RM 9.50   large RM 18.00
Well this is the Mughal nachos. Deep fried crispy and thinly sliced eggplant served with chopped fresh tomatoes, onion and cheese. I like the crispiness, however this starter is little bit plain but when I add a little bit of tamarind sauce and together with the garnishing chopped fresh tomatoes, onion and cheese is taste good.

We have side dishes also…

Reshmi Kebab   small RM 26.00   large RM 50.00
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in exotic spices and cream cheese and served with mint garlic aioli. The cheese is quite an acquired taste, I am not use to foamy cheese and egg white. The chicken meat is tender and the marinating spices are moderate. Best eat with the sauce. 

The mint garlic aioli sauce is creamy

Salmon Fenugreek   small RM 30.00   large RM 58.00
Marinated salmon flavour with fenugreek leaves and charcoal cool. This is like tandoori fish. The salmon is really chunky. The spices has take over the fishy smell of salmon. This Salmon Fenugreek is not over cooked. Best eat it like this without any sauce then only can taste the original spices and fenugreek leaves fragrant. Its flavourful.

Here comes our main course…

Lamb Rogan Josh   small RM 29.00   large RM 55.00
Lamb chops, cooked in onion, cilantro and mint sauce. This is one of the restaurant signature dish, a must try. The spice is quite strong and aromatic. 

I like it with garlic naan... yummy

Butter Chicken   small RM 24.00   large RM 46.00
Clay oven cooked in deep creamy tomato curry. I think we all like this dish. The gravy goes very well with the bread, it’s a mixture of sweet and creamy taste. When I asked the chef the base of this curry are tomato plus cashew nut and whipped cream. 

Fish Moilee   small RM 25.00   large RM 48.00
Dory fish sautéed with curry leaves, fresh tomatoes, cilantro and coconut. This fish moilee is slightly salty for me. The mixture of the spices plus lots mustard seed makes very fragrant and it goes well with rice.   

Spinach Cottage Cheese   small RM 21.00   large RM 40.00
I like palak paneer its best eat with naan leavened. This is homemake creamed spinach cook with cottage cheese. Do you like palak paneer? I am sure many Indian vegetarian love this dish.  

Cumin Potatoes small RM 18.00   large RM 34.00
Potatoes pieces cooked with spices, cumin and chopped tomatoes. Like the well blend of herbs and spices.  

Assorted breads
Such as Naan Leavened RM 3.00, Garlic Naan RM 3.50, Tandoori Roti RM 3.00 and Lacha Paratha RM 4.00. 

Cold Ice lemon tea to keep me refresh and cool after a hearty meal 

Chef Riyaz Khan

We managed to do a quick interview with the chef at Glassy Bar & Grill. This is Chef Riyaz Khan from Delhi, India. He has vast experience in northern Indian cuisine. He said north indian cuisine uses fresh and natural ingredients. They uses tomato, spices, cheese and cashew nuts for the curries. 

In Glassy Bar & Grill Every wall has a story! Every dish is a dream…

Here are more pictures of Glassy Bar & Grill

candle light bath tub. want to take a bath here? errr

The Pool area 

Glassy Bar & Grill
Address: 21 Lorong Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 006-03-2166 1022

Operating hour:
Mon to Sat   12noon to 3pm  &  6pm till late
Sun closed

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