Petronas Planting Tomorrow, I Art You Malaysia and the Strangers. Happy Malaysia Day 2012

For a Stranger in foreign land Adaptation and Assimilation is the key for harmonization living. However not matter how far we are or how green the grass out there, 
Home Is Where The Heart Is…

Petronas 2012 TVC 

As I watched Petronas’ Strangers video via youtube for many times and try to understand plus relate it to our daily live. I began to see and realized something 
beyond the video, the message…

Adaptation and Assimilation;
The essential key to harmonization;
Be it in any situation, country or cultures;
When we see things through other people’s eyes;
We began to understand their reasons, cultures and uniqueness;
Helping others to improve and achieve their dreams;
Is a self fulfillment and indeed a lifetime reminisces;
Because life is beautiful and full of flavours;
From Stangers can become close friends;

Nothing is impossible the first step of change comes from within 

For this 2012 Hari Raya, National Day and Malaysia Day, PETRONAS seeks to tell a bigger, slightly different story. Its about Petronas employees and the challenges they endure as they serve their company and nation via a debut web film.

Entitled Strangers, here are some brief about the film, it focuses on its main character Erman, a young PETRONAS engineer based in Central Asia. His story begins when he is unable to return home to spend Hari Raya with his family, but his true journey begins when his path crosses that of a local boy, Jeyhun.

Not merely about exploration and adventure, the film is also about a journey of self-discovery. Every step of the way brings Erman closer to realising his true potential, reimagining his energy to contribute to the world he lives in, and discovering his inner strength to make a difference to those around him.

During the Petronas’ Debut Web Film launch event at Galeri Petronas, KLCC

Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs Division of Petronas Officiate the Launch

Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate 
Affairs Division of Petronas

Said Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs Division of PETRONAS: “This festive season, we want to pay tribute to all who are out there serving our beloved nation – especially our own staff. Despite the challenges they face, they adapt quickly to the environment they are in and take everything in their stride. That’s the spirit that should be nurtured, admired, celebrated and emulated.

“As human beings, sometimes we do not realise the good thing that we have until it is taken away from us. In this instance, it’s only when we live in another country that we realise just how wonderful our own country is. It’s also about self-discovery, of realising what really matters in life, and about what we have and can offer to others.”

In addition to the web film, PETRONAS has also lined up a series of other programmes to bring Malaysians from all walks of life together to celebrate the three occasions. Among the activities include:

Petronas Planting Tomorrow: I ART You Malaysia

Art has the power to bring people closer together, and Galeri PETRONAS has exactly that in mind. In conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day, about 200 school children from all over Melaka and Sarawak came together to illustrate what they love best about the country. These works of art is then transformed into a large mural in front of KLCC. Follow Lez Ann as she goes around collecting the paintings from excited young children.

There are many more I ART You Malaysis behind the scene interesting pictures that you can find over here

You want to see more videos and know more about I ART You Malaysia, other Petronas projects and events check out PETRONAS Youtube channel to see other webisodes here

Petronas Planting Tomorrow
showcases Petronas’s commitment to conduct business in sustainable manner. This webisodes highlight some of the community relations activities, which are part of their corporate social responsibility CSR effort to contribute to the well being of the people and the nations.

PETRONAS Planting Tomorrow
Imbak Canyon Area Conservation Partnership with Yayasan Sabah

Join Fairil as he steps into Imbak Canyon, a natural forest conservation area in the heart of Sabah. As he hikes into the deep lush greenery, he encounters a fascinating array of flora and fauna, even some of the blood sucking varieties. Together with Dato’ Medan, they experience just how amazing nature can truly be. 

I Art You Malaysia Exhibition
This programme brought together close to 240 schoolchildren from both Peninsular and East Malaysia who produced their personal impressions of what they love about Malaysia or things that are typically Malaysian. All artworks will be exhibited at the Galeri Pertronas from 14 August to 30 September 2012.

Items to be distributed to the public
Non-woven bags will be distributed via Petronas service stations nationwide from 15 August to 16 September - with a minimum purchase of RM 30 from our station or Mesra Stores. Petronas also allocated 15,000 bags to be given away at selected toll plaza.

Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan Petronas
This is one of Petronas’ signature CSR programme that aims to give back to the underprivileged members of the society and at the same time promote the spirit of giving and volunteerism among Petronas’ staff.

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) Facebook Page

Wishing you
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy 55th Merdeka Day and 
Happy Malaysia Day 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is
I love our food, people, nature and cultures
I am Proud to be Malaysian 

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