Qualities Men Should Have… Be A Real Man

So girls… what are the qualities that you are looking for in man? Well, we are talking about the QUALITIES that a REAL MAN should have. Are you looking for someone who is tall, dark, handsome, rich with a good sense of humour - this indeed forms the perfect package when it comes to choosing a potential male partner right? I think the criteria and qualities should go beyond that not just the appearance and financial side. 

Of course I can’t deny that the first impression is always important which involves appearance and grooming but after that real men qualities will be the real substances…

The most important quality that man should have is RESPONSIBLE. Nowdays I heard too many irresponsible men prying around cheating girls. Hate them!!! Responsible is a very big subject and quality that I seriously put as my no 1 priority.

responsible for yourself
know your limit in life, what you should and should not do, what is good and harmful for you yourself, get your life sorted out in terms of career, personal finance and also your future. If you have a dream be responsible for your dream and go for it.

responsible for your girl
a real man doesn't play head games, toy with a females emotions or take advantage of her feelings. instead, he's honest, loving and faithful. A real man keeps to his promises and words. Honesty, loyalty and trust are the key to long term relationship.

Be a gentlemen, polite and respect others, no only to women. If yes, you are in. If you are rude, shouting or yelling like mad then you are out. So stay cool. Please, we are living in a civilize world so hopefully we behave like one. Have respect to women, considerate and attentive to a woman’s needs.

Guys if you have talents, be it cooking, music, dancing or something that you are really good at that could be your x factor… show it her and you might wow her. 

Intelligence is a sure way to attract a woman, not only while talking to her but you’re your response to certain situation and during decision making. When it comes to taking decisions in emotional and physical matters, women expect men to be in the driving seat. Well, having an intelligent partner also gives woman a certain sense of reassurance and security with better communication and understanding. 

Guys to attract a girl you don’t have to look drop dead handsome like those male models or celebrities. Well, if you are then surely it a bonus. To me pleasant looking with a cheerful smile is enough to warm my heart. Being with a person who always cheers me up when I am down and laugh with me during my happy moments is important. I don’t want my man to look like a gangster or sulk all the time.

I hope that men can put some effort in grooming to look good and exercise to be fit and healthy. Is important for men to be physically strong, he can protect his woman and also help up in heavy house chores. So guys start to exercise and pump up those muscles.

Personal Hygiene
Some guys really don’t care about their personal hygiene. I hope you remember to change your clothes daily especially socks ok. We don’t want to go out with stinky guys, yuckss. Guys please trim your nails, check nostril hair and please remember to shave befpre you go out on a date okay… If you care, please put a little more effort splash on some cologne or spray perfume to smell good. These will make it easier for woman to get near you.

I know there are many more aspects and qualities to discuss about man. However this is my verdict of the Qualities Men Should Have… how about you?

Are you the guy that girl want?

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